Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Celebs at Lakme fashion week.

Who: Freida Pinto

Whenever I see tulle, it reminds me of the pink tutu that Carrie wore in the opening credits of SATC. That look has become so iconic..Tulle/crinoline is a very girly fabric and adds a feminine touch to any outfit. I adore skirts that have tulle peeking from under the hem of the skirt. But you have to be careful since you don't want to look too poofy. This outfit uses tulle as the side panels on an attractively embelished dress, adding depth to a simple silhouette. Love the color combination but I am iffy on the dress. How cute are her T-strap shoes??

Who: Celina

This is Celina's signature look - chiffon sari with sequins spaghetti top, pin-straight hair, heavily lined eyes, big earrings. It looks good albeit boring, so why mess with a tried and tested formula:P The sari is the prefect shade of grey for summer and it is draped very beautifully. She should have gone easy on the eye liner and for a bolder shade of red lip color..

Who: Shraddha Kapoor (Shakti Kapoor's daughter)

Try to look beyond the scary makeup... I found this look very causal chic. The vest, layered necklaces, tapered pants and peep toes - all pull this look together. Me likey!!

Another great look from the mystery girl. Come on guys, help me ID her!! Who is she??

photo credits: filmicafe.com


Farila said...

This is the first time I am ever seeing or hearing about Shakti Kapoors daughter... She looks good.

Vintage Obsession said...

The last picture ,,if you squint your eyes a bit she kinda looks like Sri Devi no?:P

BarelyVogue said...

She is Parvati Melton. She is a telugu Actress


bollywoodstylediaries said...

@vintage obsession: u are so right!!

@BarelyVogue: Thanks u soooo much!! I have been going nuts trying to ID her..from whatever few pics I have seen of her, she has pretty good fashion sense and a fab collection of shoes:p

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