Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Slash and Rip!!

The title of this post brings Freddy Krueger to mind. Dont worry, no horror stuff here, its a post on ripped jeans:-)

Who: Deepika Padukone
Where: On the unveiling of her 'People' magazine cover

Deepika looks edgy, cool in her ripped skinny jeans, graphic-T and studded leather vest - how perfect is the vest!! Ripped jeans have a very I don't give a damn rebellious feel to them and will look best with equally edgy and low key pieces like boyish blazers, leather jackets, simple tops. She completes the outfit with some really fierce shoes. A very well styled look...How do you wear ur ripped jeans?? I prefer mine tastefully ripped to ones which have major chunks missing!!

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Nalini Hebbar said...

reminds me of the advt in which the mother stitches up the ripped up jeans!...Deepika looks gorgeous here

Archana said...

I am not sure if i like the shoes with this look. Ripped jeans,vest and busy bangles are all good but little simpler shoes would have been ok.

hitesh rawat said...


that girl in the advt was Hazel Crowney ...that was a funny advert......

and carrying off a ripped off jeans need a lot of confidence.....and she carried the jeans really well...and looking awesome.....i liked the way she matched the color of tee and jeans

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