Friday, March 5, 2010

Lakme fashion week Summer/Resort 2010 - Pria Kataaria Puri

Pria's Summer/Resort 2010 collection was a homage to Maharani Gayatri Devi and was named "The Royal Rajputana Collection". In the designer's own words, Maharani's "chiffon saris combined with a string of pearls have become legendary in the world of fashion" and as such all the models wore long string of pearls. The fabrics were mostly French chiffons and satins, with digital prints of the actual jewelery that the Maharani wore. I loved the beautiful unique prints. Pria also had a bright colorful runaway floor which reminded me of the inlay work of precious stones that you normally see in old mosques/forts/monuments. This was a huge mistake as the floor totally clashed with what the models were wearing.

Pria Kataaria Puri

Mugdha Godse for Pria

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