Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wills India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010

Who: Deepika Padukone

Deepika wowed the fashion crowd not once but twice on day 2 of WIFW 2010. Deepika was the showstopper for G Pia Fleming, in a one shoulder white gown. I love the hemline and the lace like overlay but not the bubble style - never was a big fan. The gown also looks a little loose around the waist but overall its sophisticated.

Who: Deepika Padukone

Va-va-voom!! Could this gown be any tighter:-) Deepika for Namrata Joshipura in a black metallic gown. The gown has a very simple, clean silhouette and highlights her every curve... Eat ur heart out, Ranbir!!

Who: Esha and Hema Malini

Awww! Isn't that cute? Mother and daughter walk the ramp for Rocky S, Day one. Hema looks so gorgeous at this age!! Esha's dress is in the traditional marriage colors of red/green with very heavy embroidery - I like her top... I didnt like Hema's sari - too much going on..

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K Surendran said...

Very Nice & Colorful photographs, presented in an excellent blog frame. This has all the makings of a professional blog. My congratulations!

Fashion Chalet said...

I love the color, prints and fabrics. India is such a beautiful country with so many treasures to share. :)

I never lied Hugh Grant until I saw Music & Lyrics, then I fell for his dreamy eyes and personality! ;)


Fashion Chalet said...

Oh the shirt is from Delias 2 summers ago. may still have some? :)


bollywoodstylediaries said...

@Surendran: thanks!!

Dusk said...

Deepika's body...oh my goodness! She's gorgeous! I have only recently seen 'Om Shanti Om' and I loved her. Enjoyed the film too.

Ahh Hema...the perpetual Dream Girl...

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