Monday, December 27, 2010

Events: Farah Ali Khan bday party

Who: Dia Mirza

Dia in a cutesy, diaphanous LBD teamed with gold accessories. Love the overall look but didn't quite like her necklace on close-up. Its soo last season - Looks like Santa skipped someone's house:-)

Who: Farah Ali Khan

The birthday girl also wore a LBD and she topped it off with a dazzling emerald earrings. This pairing reminds me of Angelina @ Oscars 2009.

Between the two LBDs, I liked Farah's better since I am not a big fan of co-ordinating one's accessories..

Who: Queenie Dhody

Is this how we are wearing sari's nowdays?The sari is gorgeous and I like the gold top/blouse with the contrasting pattern but its going to take me sometime to get used to this way of draping. And the necklace is just too much - Queenie with more bling than a Xmas tree.

Who: Amisha Patel

Wow, I really thought we will have world peace wa-a-y before Amisha *cough* cover *cough* cleans ups her act. Whoever fixed this needs to report to the UN peacekeeping force ASAP!!



Sunaina said...

Love Dia's dress! Agree on the necklace.

That sari is gorgeous indeed.

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

just for ur info ma'am UN peace keeping wears light blue (sky blue)

StylishDesi said...

love this look!

Harman said...

I like Dia mirza!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Oh my gosh Amisha! :| :|

Oh well. Diya's dress is absolutely lovable!!! Soooo pretty! #iWant

Purvi said...

What is inside Amisha's head?
Diya looks good

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