Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New BFFs in town

Who: Rani and Vidya
Where: At various "No one killed Jessica" promotions

Pretty positive, they are sharing the same makeup artist and hair stylist!! Whereas clothes are concerned, who cares - they are both great actresses and I don't base my movie choices on what actresses wear on the red carpet.

Do you??


Vivarjitha said...

i like them both...2 gr8 actresses they r....are'nt they????

Vintage Vixen said...

They are great actresses and I love their outfits, too.
Hope you've enjoyed Xmas. xxxxxxxxxx

Harman said...

..they are great actresses..I like Ranis..first blue outfit thou!!

Splurgerina said...

Oh no...they look like sisters!

style'n said...

They both look great! And on a side note I am so excited I watched an Indian movie the other night- Singh is King! it was so funny..I know I am a bit behind.

Jahn said...

yeah I agree, they are great actresses :)..definitely going to watch the movie

and thanks for you sweet comment :)

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

They are really good actresses.


That's all.

Is there anything else to say?

Yeah, that's it.


Sunaina said...

No me neither! They're good and I love their hair but don't like Vidya's glasses :\

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