Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looks of the day

Who: Katrina Kaif
Where: "TMK" game release

Yup, I know Katrina is taking the "Barbie" thing way too seriously but have to say this dress is a winner. Love the simplicity and clean lines of this outfit. And black peep-toes give it a chic, smart look.. The bow at the waist could have used some perkiness:-)

Who: Priyanka Chopra
Where: Pearls press meet

Priyanka is back in her minis!! Yawn!!
Love her booties..hmm, Not sure if I like this hairstyle..Makes her look old. or is it the makeup?

Who: Nicole Faria
Where: Welcome Party

Congrats to Nicole for winning the Miss Earth 2010!!
Wishing you a future as bright and shiny as ur dress!!


Purvi said...

katrina's dress is simply amazing ... love the colours
But priyanka..(yawn yawn)
Bad dress, ugly hair
She fair far better in sarees.... What say???

Harman said...

Katrina..very classy..
Ijus love her style and grace!
priyanka..I agree is givin an old look!

tanvii.com said...

Meh ... Meh and Shiny - Congrats to Nicole! :)

namita said...

i like katrina's dress.. would look even better if it was 2 inches shorter or 2 inches longer... and i agree about the bow... it looks a bit sad and droopy! overall a cute look though.

Splurgerina said...

On anyone else I would have loved Katrina's look but on her it's way too predictable! And priyanka...oh dear!! Bad hair/makeup and why does she keep wearing clothes that are meant for tweens!!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

Nicole faria looks like a taller n stronger version of freida pinto- don't ya think..
n if Katrina wanna to walk the fashion parade, she really needs to stop the barbie act!

style'n said...

Katrina really likes the "pretty" and feminine look doesn't she?

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