Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekend Round

Who: Karishma Kapoor
Where: JPEL race and Geetanjali fashion show

Is it just me or does it look as if the outfit is hanging on Karishma's tiny frame? I am ok with the loose top but would have preferred a more tailored skirt. She accessorized with Chanel necklace, Chanel bag and glowing skin!! Nice sunnies..

Who: Shazahn Padamsee
Where: JPEL race and Geetanjali fashion show

Shahzahn went all girly-girl in a pink floral dress. She looks fresh but for once I want to see someone in bollywood do a floral with some really tough, edgy shoes.

Who: Dia Mirza
Where: Judge at Navy queen contest

Thats a really great color but feeling no love for her dress or her shoes. Neck up, Dia is gorgeous..

Who: Kangana Ranuat
Where: Koffee with Karan

After Deepika-Sonam and Kareena-Saif, this episode with Kangana-Anil Kapoor-Sanjay Dutt must have been pretty boring..Unless Carrot-top's boob popped out... Did it???
What do you think of her outfit? I like the outfit but hate her makeup and hair color...

Who: Shamita Shetty
Where: Anmol jewelers collection preview

At least one of the Shetty sisters is getting her accessories right!! Shamita looks lovely in a simple sequins top and jeans, Gucci bag and slingbacks. Lately, she has been doing really swell on the red carpet, managing to outshine her tacky-accessories-obsessed go , girl!!

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- Sugar Cube - said...

I like Karishma's outfit..although she does look skinny.
Kangana's make up is a disaster. I don't even like her hairdo!

Dusk said...

"Unless Carrot-top's boob popped out... Did it???"


Karishma looks like a mother attending her child's primary school assembly then morning tea after...

sandhyaa said...

karisha shud have worn a tailored black mini to balance the loose top !
and is Kangna's make up artist taking revenge on her ?? ghastly !!!
rest is just boring... but shamita scores here !!!

Purvi said...

karishma definitely should have worn a different skirt... But i am fashion blind as far as she is concerned
Kangana looks atraight out of some goth movie.. even worse then that

Viintii said...
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rantravereflect/ jane said...

Karisma needs some curves- shes under size o!
n shamita looks grt! btw, i watched teh koffee with karan episode, n yessss- the only thing i was wondering was that Kangana was very nervous with teh english- but i believe, she didnt need to, she's a grt actress :D said...

I never look beyond Karisma's glowing skin. To me she looks good.

Viintii already pointed out the *LV Bag ... and Yes! Kangana was verrryyy nervous and I think should have spoken in the language she is comfortable in. There is no shame in speaking in Hindi!

Natasha said...

I agree! Recently I have noticed that kangana is trying too hard to fit into the mold of a 'typical bollywood actress'..Pleaseee don't...Her uniqueness and the fab dressing sense (which the typical ones can't get it right ever!) was what made her stand out from the rest..hope she doen's join the bandwagon!

namita said...

Dia looks good - I love the fortuny pleats on the bright colour, esp on the bust - makes it look delicate. She could have gone for edgier/less boring shoes though.

ClassyandFabulous said...

i absolutely love kanganas dress. it was unusual and very extremely pretty at the same time. i wish i could say the same about her hair and makeup

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

I actually only like Karishma. She at least looks 'proper'. Kangana looks slutty. I hate her anyway.

By the way, my reply to your comment on the latest post:
"Sonali! I love your comments girl! I consider them the most honest, without any sycophancy and when you have to praise me, you can imagine how good it feels! :)"

Thank youuu! :)

Splurgerina said...

Totally agree with your take on Karishma..the skirt should have been more fitted since her top is so flouncy..and Shazahn she looks soo cute just wish she chose edgier shoes!! and Kangana..I know she's trying to go for that whole old Hollywood look but it's not working..the hair..the's too much!!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Sonali :)

Karishma's skin's just glowing. I like the way Kangana experiments with her looks. Unfortunately, this look didn't work. Shamita is surprisingly so beautiful - esp her eyes. And love her outfit with the bag. She's definitely better looking than Shilpa... and her body's fab too.


Angels Never Lie said...

i love karishma here...dunno y is she lukin so white...shahzn n dia r lukin v cute

Jahn said...

I like Shamita Shetty!! the look is simple and sophisticated :)
about kangana, I feel sad for her..she was really nervous in the show...
Shazahn's dress is pretty!! i guess it would look fab with boots :)

joejoseph said...

ohh karishmaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

specialy outfits and bags!

shetty sisteres incredible!!! anyway tottaly awosom!

hahaha thanks for posting princess diana

Harman said...

I like kangana but that makeup is making her look like SLUT!

Jeweliot said...

they did not pop out, thankfully.. but when KJO asked if she had some thing done... she was like "We north Indians are blessed"

Omg. That toh we are!

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