Sunday, April 24, 2011

Feeling no love

Who: Sushmita Sen
Where: "I am She" NGO event

Ok, I love Sushmita as much as you do guys, but she is making it very difficult for me to say anything nice here. The dress is terrible to say the least and she overdosed on the bronzer, too:-(

Who: Lara Dutta
Where: "Challo dilli" promos

Lara (another fav. of mine) does "I dream of Jeannie"!


Jahn 'n Style said...

disappointing...i love them both; so wont say a word more!!

Anonymous said...

Mehh come on Suushh!

Nav said...

I adore them both and they both fail in outfits. sorry!

Tanvi said...

How do you they get it SO wrong?!?! :)

♡ from ©

Raajii said...

For Sush, I think its just a bad photograph.

Alright, fine, my opinion is biased ;-)

Harman said...

..I think Sush is cute But dress is terrible..specially that big bow hanging down there!

♠ Love Potion ♠ said...

oh shit, just the other day i was telling mom how immaculate sush is mostly. but this is totally contradicting me :/

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