Monday, April 11, 2011

A post of few words...

Who: Sarah Jane Dias
Where: Elle breast cancer carnival

Do you see what I see? A dress with an arrow pointing to her coochie? Hon, if he needs direction, then you need to rethink:-)

Who: Lisa Haydon
Where: Elle breast cancer carnival

I know the invite said "carnival" but its not on the beach!!Flip-flops? Really, Lisa? REALLY? How lazy can you be?

Who: Rhea Kapoor
Where: Elle breast cancer carnival

The outfit is OK, nothing special, but oh those shoes are hideous! Did your sister tell you these are "in"? Ha, ha, You just got punk'd!!

Who: Amrita Puri, Tisca Chopra
Where: Elle breast cancer carnival

We end today's roundup of really bad outfits with a maternity dress and a grandma's castoffs!

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Anonymous said...

Omygod what is Tisca wearing?
And Rhea's shoes...looks like she did some craft project :| Horrendous craft project I mean.

And Sarah Jane Dias...:P Well you said it all you know

Cinderella said...

LOL @ Sarah!!!!

WTF is Tisca wearing?! I wouldn't penalize Lisa so much ...I kinda like her skirt...even basic black pumps would have put some life into the attire.

sartorial diary said...

haha your funniest post till date!

Jahn 'n Style said...

ROFL....the outfits are hideous! but ur comments make it funnier..u just crack me up!!!
I think Rhea's outfit is fine sans the shoes...

Taj Acosta said...

oh my gracious I died laughing on the first dress and your comment!!! seriously that is some major advertising for da cooch! xo

Harman said...

..holy crap... what are they wearing!

innocentbelle said...

sarah looks really terrible.I love what lisa is wearing but the flip flops!

--ur new follower :)

style'n said...

funny..I was going to say that I didn't like any of the outfits and then I saw your comment about "ugly outfits!"

Sam B said...

Gosh, you made me laugh out loudd!

Sarah's comment couldn't have been any better :) Cracked me up!

Andd I think I've seen Rhea in suits a lott...does she wear anything else?

Tisca Chopra DOES look like a matron...

ANd finally your blog is my favorite fashion blog just because it's so funny and awesome. You rock :)

Sunaina said...

Love Rhea's outfit except for the shoes.. lol!

namita said...

I think Lisa looks adorable... (but I get what you're saying about teh flipflops)

Rhea's shoes are those incredibly coveted shoes from Miu Miu's a/w 2010 collection... in person they are actually incredibly beautiful! They look like updated Marie Antoinette shoes! They've kind of had their moment last year though... like Cher would say in Clueless 'they're sooooo last season'!

Anonymous said...

Oh mygoodness nothing is working at all! :D

♠ Love Potion ♠ said...

LOLLLL @ coochie

sounds so cute, im going to use it while dirty talking tonight :p

and yeah HIDEOUS dresses. lol @ rhea's shoes - you got punk`d. Totally.

tisca hmmm... feel like shaking her.

Cinderella said...

beautiful dresses i would like to choose one design for my birthday party.

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