Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Who: Ameesha Patel
Where: Launch of her production house

That outfit is flawless!! Gorgeous color, perfect fit and beautiful draping! A better hairdo and some transparent Lucite bangles would have knocked it out of the ballpark but considering Ameesha past outfits, have to say she is perfect here!

Who: Neha Dhupia
Where: Album launch

Love Neha's lip color but her foundation color seems to be incorrect. The outfit could have worked if the skirt had been executed properly.

Who: Suzanne Roshan
Where: Farah Ali khan's store opening, Launch of Ameesha's prduction house

Suzanne deftly mixed a pair of pleat-front pants with a purple strapless silk blouse resulting in a light and lovely look. Paired with matchy shoes and brown clutch, she looks chic and polished. Cant say the same about her boring black/white maternity outfit! Also, Suzanne really needs to fix her hair!

Who: Natasha Khan
Where: Farah Ali khan's store opening

Great colors and I would love to see how Natasha incorporated tassels (hot trend!) into her belt.

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Paraphernalia said...

Suzanne!!!! Love everything about what she is wearing!

ClassyandFabulous said...

natashas wearing the gucci belt!!
i am very nicely surprised by amisha! girl got a new stylist!

Anonymous said...

suzannes wearing everything gucci..

shuchita said...

suzanne looks great in the 1st pic

Tanvi said...

Oh Wow! Amisha got it right .. after eons ... or may be for the first time [!?!?] Either way good for her! :)

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sartorial diary said...

i like the red dress,but i'm not liking it on ameesha somehow!
neha looks nice inspite of the dress!
i like suzanne's first look,but would've preferred un-matchy shoes!
also natasha khan looks nice!

Chandana said...

love suzanne's dress.. the first one!

Anonymous said...

Who would have thought that some day 'Ameesha' and 'flawless outfit' would come to exist in the same sentence!

Love Suzanne :) But then I always love her :P

Jahn 'n Style said...

Amisha's dress is fab...totally love it :)

Anonymous said...

This post isn;t disappointing except Suzanne's black dress.

Harman said...

..Seriously ..I didn't like anyone here!
amisha dress is ok too!

♠ Love Potion ♠ said...

love natasha's skirt color, very pretty orange

ameesha's definitely going up. an improvement there! i like the color too.. she has such beautiful long hair !

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