Monday, April 4, 2011

Magazine Covers - April 2011

Verve - Anushka Sharma
Elle - Lisa Haydon

My issue with both the covers is the model faces. Anushka is barely recognizable - I understand using photoshop to make models look flawless or thin but to make Anushka not look like herself is self-defeating - isnt her face the selling point?
I love the color composition of Elle - very impactful and spring-y but Lisa's makeup is so horrid! Why?

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Jahn 'n Style said...

none of the covers are appealing! i like the color combination and laid back look on Anushka's outfit though! :)

The Beautyholic said...

i like the bright print.. with the letters.. xxx..

Tanvi said...

Don't like either!

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Anonymous said...

I actually like both the covers. Very Indian in all vividness. You;re right about the PSing. I wonder what else they change with it!

Harman said...

anushka looks good..I like the outfit she is wearing...Fusion kind!

asian wedding ideas said...

argh where are all the gorjus covers gone!! altho i want anushkas pants and lisa shoes hehe

Dusk said...

Hmmm... I should like these covers but.... I don't.

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