Thursday, April 14, 2011

Would you rather....?

Its been a long time since we played this game. So rather than post another set of terrible outfits, lets take a much needed break from Bollywood:-)
For all my new readers, this is a very simple - just choose one option from the below choices. ('None' or 'both' are not valid answers)

Would you rather..?
.. be a guest at Kate Middleton's wedding or Kate Moss? styled by Anna Dello Russo or Rachel Zoe?

.. rock the neutral trend this Spring or the Color-blocking trend?

.. wear a mini or maxi skirt this year?

.. sell your kidneys (and most probably your arms, legs - you get the picture!) for a Birkin or a Mulberry?

... skip an appetizer or dessert when counting calories?

My choices
1) Kate Middleton - I am sucker for fairy tales!
2) Rachel Zoe
3) Neutrals - every style blogger is doing color-blocking and I am so bored with it and its not even Spring yet!!
4) Mini -skirt.
5) This one is tough but will go with Mulberry.
6) Skip appetizers! I have chocolate running in my veins instead of blood:-)

Here are previous rounds of this game : here and here.

Have a fab weekend!!


Splurgerina said...

First of all God bless you for bringing some entertainment to my midnight studying sessions and secondly, you made this game a lot harder than the last time I played by eliminating the "none" and "both" options..damn!

Anyway, I pick:

Kate Middleton

Rachel Zoe

Color blocking -- although I agree there is just toooooooooo much of it happening right now. Colors just happen naturally to me though so even when I'm not trying to color block it just kind of happens :S

Rocking the mini

Mulberry -- I don't like birkins!

Skipping appetizers for sure! Hell I'll even skip the main course for dessert.

Btw putting up pictures of desserts for me to discover in the middle of the night is pure evil!

Back to studying..thanks for the entertainment..over and out! :D

Chandana said...

kate middleton definitely!

Rachel Zoe

Neutrals - any 'colour blocking' that i do, i end up not liking it. I like it on others though! hehe...

mini.. maxi doesnt suit me!


hmmm appetizers. Usually i dont skip either, coz am skinny and i dont need to worry about weight! *touch wood*

Cinderella said...




Kate Moss - yellow and girly, whats not to love?

Zoe - so breezy!

Neutrals - All the way! I did color blocking last spring through summer, tired of it already. And since I will not get a chance to wear anything but sarees and salwars this summer, I am gonna tend to my senses with all the neutrals in the fall.

Maxis nor Minis - somewhere in the middle.

Mulberry ofcourse - Birkins are so bland.

And I never count calories, cz I have a fantastic metabolism that never lets me put on weight and when I do, which is far and between like 2-3 kilos, I always manage to shed it off without even me trying. :D :D

Hence, as you'd have guessed by now - I am taking both - the appetizers and the desert. Yes please!

Anonymous said...

Ok hell this one is hard.

I swung like a pendulum between Kate Moss and Kate Middleton...but I think I'll do with Kate Middleton simply because I'll get to go back to England for sometime :P

Now that I've seen much more of them...Rachel Zoe
or maybe Anna?


Not too mini...but mini rather than maxi. I look horrendous in most maxi skirts.


I hate can I skip ANY food...I've never counted calories in my whole life!!! I've had to TRY to gain weight since my BMI was below normal mostly :P And now it's fine...and (thankfully) never goes weight gain.
I absolutely REFUSE to choose here :|

Tanvi said...

Yaar! Is waqt I wish Pop-Up comment box hota 'coz now I will have to keep scrolling up and down to answer everything in proper order! :(

Word Verification hata diya (Thanks!) Ab Plz. Pop U Comment box bhi karo! Please! Mere liye ;)

♡ from ©

Tanvi said...

1) Kate Moss 'coz I know she will be daring and fun and there would be nothing 'conservative' about it

2) Anna Dello Russo 'coz she dressing sense is right up my alley ;)

3) Neutrals - 'Coz everyone else is doing color blocking and the worst part is that I have ALWAYS color blocked all my life but just didn't know it ... So this summer bring out the neutrals (Which means will have to go shopping :P)

4) Can I say SHORTS? I have work Mini/Midi/Maxi both already :P

5) Berkin [And you know why! ;)].

6) Skip Appetizers AND the main course - ONLY have desserts!

♡ from ©

Tanvi said...

Read everyone's answers, and I am the only Ajooba! Chose everyone opposite to what every one had said! [Just the way I like it!]

Three comments on one post! :P Annoying you yet? Clearing this was sooo much fun! Thanks for entertaining my morning :)

♡ from ©

ClassyandFabulous said...

OMG the first one is so tough!! :( kate moss i guess





i dont skip anything but since u said none or both are not valid answers i shall say skip appetizers!!

im so glad u did these. SO MUCH FUN :D

Masoom R. Minawala said...

Kate moss!

Rachel zoe!




Skip desserts.

I LOVE these posts of yours :D:D

Sam B said...

Sonalii....these posts are soo addictive! I WANT MORE...I WANT MORE :P

And I agree with Tanvi..Pop up box please...Mere liye bhi please!

Kate Moss Yes....It'll be more funn!
Color blocking.
Maxi. Im tired of minis. Srsly.
Berkin :)
I AM NOT COUNTING skipping OUT of the question. I live 60% to eat. :P and the other 40% is sports which keeps me from getting fat. :P hehe

OH and thanks for the sweet comment :)

Anonymous said...

♥I love your blog so much.)) ♥

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Ok, all you people with high metabolism, I hate you :-)

looking into the pop-up box issue..The things I have to do for my readers:-)

The Beautifier said...

Tough choices to make here!
1. I would love to be a guest at Kate Middleton's wedding!!!
2. Styled byRachel Zoe, that dress is so pretty!
3. It has to be the neutrals for now but I can't ride in the same boat for any longer than a week :p
4. Ohhh I love frilly maxi skirts!!
5. Mulberry any time!
6. Appetizers as just cant part with my sweet tooth!

Harman said...

well Appetisers for sure...but in moderate quantity..
..Mulberry ....
rest I like to wear a maxi..then a mini...

Anonymous said...

Kate for sure. Her simplistic style and high living are most attractive to me.

Anna minus her hats. They suit her well but I would look ridiculous wearing them.

Either. Depends but I'm eternally more inclined towards neutrals anyway.

Both! Shorts in lab and skirts outside! Maxis for days and minis for nights. :)

Neither. :( I'm really bored of these.

Given a chance, I could never the freaking ever skip a dessert. No. :)

Fun doing this Sonali! :)

the nyanzi report said...

Great game.

Jess said...

Hahaha - I just came across your blog and laughed out loud at these questions! Love it! Annnnd here we go...

1. Be a guest at Kate's wedding for sure!

2. Rachel Zoe... love her!

3. Color blocking - so refreshing!

4. Can I say both?! I love minis and maxis and don't think I could give us either ;)

5. Birkin! But love them both.

6. Skip the appetizer for sure!

xo jess

style'n said...

Fun Post
1. Kate
2. Rachel
4I definitely want to give the maxi skirt a chance. I have too many mini's in my closet
5. Mulberry all the way!
6. skip dessert. I like salty food too much!

namita said...

I love the Zoe, but come on.... it has to be ANNA ANNA ANNAAAAAAAAA - you just know you'd end up in some insane outfit with stripper heels and a bowl of fruit on top of your head - the madness and fantasticalness of it all would be awesome!
nudes i guess
duh, BIRKIN - it's the ultimate
skip appetisers i guesssssss... (but in reality i wouldn't skip either... I'm hopeless!!)

Dale said...

Just found your blog it's so cute. I really like this post, I actually agree with all of your choices.
But I like the maxi and mini style a lot so that's a tough one. hehe
Following you now

i Have a fashion blog here in San Francisco if you have time

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