Monday, April 4, 2011

Looks of the day

Who: Rani Mukherjee
Where: At De Beers event

Did you see the size of the diamond in Rani's hand in the last pic?If I am really, really good this year, will Santa get me that?
If not, can I have her dress? Isn't the color stunning? and the draping looks so sexy.

Who: Raveena Tandon
Where: Launch of Tommy Hilfiger childrenswear, Chandigarh

Stripes are another big trend this year and this Tommy nautical stripes dress is really cute. Raveena accessorized with a skinny belt and white shoes at the launch of Tommy Hilfiger's new store.


Tanvi said...

Raveena is looking decent for a change :)

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Tejal Pandkar said...

Rani's dress is stunning. Fabric that looks like its WET looks awesome..looks rich. Great color too.

namita said...

Rani looks amazing, but girl needs to invest in a pair of SPANX ASAP!

Raveena... HIDEOUS - what's the point of that belt under the boobs - looks ridiculous and doesn't add shape or style, the dress length makes her legs look chunky and the shoes are a disaster.

Nav said...

Rani looks tall and gorgeous in that dress!!

Raveena, i like her shoes and dress is alright. Could have paired it with a chunky necklace.

Anonymous said...

Rani looks awesome!!! love the color. Raveena could have done better...


Prutha said...

i think this is the hottest i have eevr seen rani..whos the dress by? she needed to find better earrings and no bracelet though... edit edit edit!!

Taj Acosta said...

I love the dress on Rani, she looks stunning and that color is perfect for her! xo

Sick by Trend said...

Love the first outfit.. WHAT A DRESS! so beautiful, thanks for sharing! I'm following!

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Anonymous said...

I love both! Minor flaws here and there but really minor. Rani looks stunning and Raveena looks chic too!

Harman said...

Rani ..looks awesome..Love the drape...and what an attitude to carry the dresS!!

Rock'n Roll Ballerina said...

Rani is absolutly stunning in that dress. Love the color also. ;)

Sunaina said...

Now here Rani's looks much better!

I love nautical but it would look nice too without the belt, accessories aren't always necessary!

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