Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spotted around town

Who: Kangana Ranuat

Looks like some kind of plant is growing from Kangana's waist and is about to strangle her! She does look starved of oxygen in the second pic:-)

Who: Asin

The dress is not that bad but the belt has to go - did Asin buy it from a dollar store?
Her chic ponytail looks elegant and the whole look is simple and classy (except for the belt).

Who: Ira Dubey

Great color, very well accessorized.

photo credits: filmicafe.com, bollywoodhungama.com


Vintage Vixen said...

I haven't been able to comment on your blog for a couple of days....weird! I do like Kangana's black dress despite the strange panel, what a cracking figure. xxx

Anonymous said...

Okay Kangana's dress reminds me of those fantasy movies/serials where they showed the Darkness (villain) 'engulfing' the protagonists or other random people :P I think it was Digimon.

(P.S. - @Sonali: I took your advice and tried for one last time...and it kind of worked...things are better. Thanks...and dang I wish you lived nearby :P)

Tanvi said...

I really do not have an opinions about any of them! :P But I still wanna say Hi! to you :)

♡ from © tanvii.com

Dusk said...

Yeah I have no comment on these ladies either but I did want to leave you with this... the trick is...

To make her turn clockwise and engage your right hemisphere, look at the bottom right hand corner... to make her turn anti-clockwise and engage your left brain, look at top left hand corner. This 'trick' is about making you focus without distraction because you have a point to focus on. Try it. Let me know. :)

Nav said...

Ira looks nice - i like her choice of accessories better than dress.

Asin would have looked nice without the belt - i agree.


♠ Love Potion ♠ said...

i like ira skinny dubey

Tass said...

Oh that first dress is very ill fitted

Harman said...

..I like kangana ...and her dress!

style'n said...

agree-don't like the dollar store belt

Karishma said...

Dollar store? *Chuckle* It is a Sophie 203 belt. It looks stunning. Just not with what she's is wearing.

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