Thursday, November 25, 2010

Would you rather....?

Nothing interesting is happening in Tinseltown, so lets play another round of "Would you rather..."

Would you rather...
.. go on a double date with Abhi-Aish or Saif-Kareena?

.. be a golden girl or shining Star on the red carpet?

.. enjoy a home-cooked or take-out meal?

.. make a statement in a leather outfit or go chic in lace?

... forgo jewelry or makeup for 30 days?

... invest in Christian Dior Lady bag or the classic Chanel 2.55 bag?

My choices
1) Abhi-Aish - finally ask her why she giggles so much in all her interviews?
2) Golden girl
3) Home-cooked meal
4) Even though I love Jolie, its Lace for me!!
5) I will forgo jewelry - I cant live without my eyeliner!!
5) Chanel 2.55 bag


Desi and the City said...

Super Post!!!!!!!

My choices
1) Abhi-Aish - Perfect couple for ever!
2) Golden girl
3) Home-cooked meal of course
4) I also love Jolie, but don't like leather clothes. Lace always looks romantic!
5) I will forgo jewelry, too - I love make up!
5) Christian Dior Lady bag

Dandelion said...

ooohhh...our thoughts mathc...except for the golden gal, i'm always biased wen it cums to selena. her style is jus mindblowing! I'l go with her silver dress!

Sam B said...

1. Saif-Kareena ... I find Abhi-Ash boring...and also the fact that I can't stand Ash most of the time.
2.Golden girl.
3.Home cooked anytime anyday :))
4.Lace is soo elegant!
5.Forgo jewelry!
6.Chanel baby

I have been reading your blog for a while...and I love it. U are the wittiest fashion critic around...keep up the good work :)

Dusk said...

Oooh... love this! Okay...

1) Aish... and a gagged Abhi. He irritates me. but this is a hard choice because Saif is damn sexy!...but Kareena irritates me!

2. Golden girl fo shiz!

3. Home cooked... because my husband is the most brilliant, innovative cook ever! Plus my mum lives at home and no one makes dhal like she does and... my 2nd son is an apprentice chef...

4. Hmmm... I'm not a fan of leather clothing but that lace dress is too 'pretty' for me... so the leather dress it is. I do love it on Angelina.

5. forgo make-up. I very rarely wear make-up except for lipstick and I love playing with eye make-up but that's for fun...I enjoy wearing jewellery. Hell, I make it everyday!

6. Neither. Not my thing.

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...

Ooh I love these posts of yours, so much fun.

Let's see:

1. Can I have Abhi and Saif? ;) I think Aish is dull and Kareena's annoying. But if forced it'd be Saif/Kareena I think. Better annoying than boredom!

2. Shining star - silver suits me a lot better than gold.

3. Home-cooked meal

4. Lace

5. Jewellery

6. Chanel Chanel Chanel. (Did I mention that I choose the Chanel?)

L.M. said...

Girl what a wonderful blog you have there..... Wow! A simple design combined with complicated well thought posts! You have a new fan! Here is my blog for whenever you feel like stoppin' by!

Nostalgic said...

1. Saif-Kareena ... I find Abhi-Ash boring now. Saif's sexayyy!
2.Golden girl for sure.
3.Home cooked anytime any day :)
4.Lace is soo elegant and chic.
5.Forgo jewelry, I rarely wear any. MAKE UP is my life <3
6.Dior is my thing!

Jeweliot said...

double date with saif and kareena .. because SAIF ALI KHAN IS A FUNNY GUY! i love the way he talks. and his sense of humour is totally my kinds :D can take some yoga tips from Kareena too... love her style. Can't stand


a golden girl :D blingbling~ all the way


a take out meal sounds good right now.. cuz its the weekend!


make a statement in gorgeous sexy lace.. i love lace..subtle lace


forgo jewelery


christian dior :) i just love the name hehe

Vintage Vixen said...

I love these posts!
1. Ash and Abhi
2. Golden girl (my boobs aren't big enough for the silver frock!)
3.Take-out 'cos I'm lazy!
4.Angelina in the leather, uber rock goddess.
5.Forego the makeup, I can't do without my rings, earrings and bangles but could I possibly have some eyeliner....please?
6.Don't like either of them. Labels don't rock my boat.

photohogger said...

Hahaha, great game!

1) Kareena/Saif - they seem more fun!
2) Golden girl, definitely!
3) Home-cooked meal, always
4) Lace
5) Can't live without make up lol!
5) Hands down, the Chanel 2.55 bag

Harman said...

My choices
1) Abhi-Aish
2) Golden girl
3) Home-cooked meal off course
4) lacy stuff!
5) forgo jewelry..
5) Christian Dior ..

style'n said...

Love the post
1. Kareena/Saif
2. Golden Girl
3. Home cooked (just not by me!)
4. Lace for sure!
5. forgo jewelry for sure. I need my concealer, blush, and lip gloss
6. too hard-I want both! said...

2. Golden Girl
3. Home Cooked
4. Leather ['coz I haven't tried it ever and 'coz everyone would choose lace!]
5. Jewelry
6. Chanel

Poohkie said...

1) Abhi-Ash. Ash is fake, but Abhishek is hilarious.
2) Golden girl - the girl looks awful, but the dress is gorgeous.
3) Takeout. I'm lazy.
4) Neither. But lace, if you twist my arm.
5) Either. I've gone without both on several occasions. Depends on my mood.
6) Chanel.

ClassyandFabulous said...

saif and kareena over abhi-ash and let me tell you why.if i go with abhi-aish i might be really rude to them and talk about how irritating she can be and how i think their marriage is a sham :S so yeah i`ll save myself the embarrasment:P

red carpet star!

Take out

Lace! Lovelovelove

make up or jewelery hmm..this one is the toughest. :( fine..jewelery

Definitely Chanel!

ClassyandFabulous said...

i love these posts of urs! you shud do them more often

sandhyaa said...

i like funny side of Abhishek...but i cant stand Aish's giggling all the time for no apparent reason...n i love kareena...n saif is funny too KAREENA & SAIF !!!
Golen girl
BOTH > FOOD always yes!!!
can live without make up but not jewellery
Chanel totally!!!!!!!

the solar flare said...

beautifull post :D i'm new on blogger :D if you want to follow me i'll follow you back:D xoxo

Splurgerina said...

Yaaay..I LOVE would you rather posts!! Ok so for me it has to be Saif Kareena, golden girl, home cooked, lace, jewelry (Love the House of Harlow cuff btw!), and chanel!! I'm soo!

Sunaina said...

Nice post!

1. abhi-aish
2. golden girl
3. home-cooked
4. chic in lace
5. forgo jewelry
6. Chanel 2.55, dreaming of it ever since I can remember!

have a lovely sunday xoxo

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Wow such a fun post!

In spite of my anti-Ash tendencies, I'd double date with them!

All for gold.

Home cooked, for sure, but it's just easy to say! :P

Lace and leather both together.

I normally don't use either anyway so!

hands down Chanel!

Masoom R. Minawala said...

Hahaha, i must commend you on this lovely idea for a post! SO FUN!

Please check out my blog and let me know what you think :


Vibhuti B said...

I am with Dusk on this, word to word! Not that am a copy cat but shes just taken my breath away. Her choices and mine are oh so exact, though the reasons differ!!!! :))

une tasse said...

Same answers as yours but I would go with Kareena and Saif so I could try and steal him away hehe xx

namita said...

saif kareena
home cooked (esp if someone else did it)
jewellery - i need foundation and pressed powder!
2.55 - always chic on any occasion - day or night, 50 years ago and now

rantravereflect/ jane said...

bebo n saif- they're so much cooler
Gold ne day- brings out the beyonce in me
home food, my mom in law's a grt cook :D
jewellery-no kohl,tho day doesnt roll..
Christian dior :)

- Sugar Cube - said...

Hehe..nice post :D

My choices -
Saifeena :P

Neither..too loud :)

takeout. Home cooked food is always there :P

Can manage w/o both. Need Kohl though.


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