Monday, November 22, 2010

Katrina dons a LBD and Deepika kills a parakeet

Who: Katrina Kaif
Where: Unveiling of Barbie doll

Katrina wore a black ruffled mini to the unvieling of new Barbie dolls. The proportions of her tiered mini dress are just right but the dress is inherently very girly and sweet (and also very common and tad boring). Katrina does look like a doll which given the occasion is a perfect match!!

Katrina wore black a day earlier at a birthday party. I like this outfit better becoz of the sequins - they add instant glam to any outfit

Who: Katrina Kaif
Where: Kabir Khan birthday party

Just read Nishka Lulla's twitter feed. The barbie doll that was released is wearing an outfit designed by Nishka..Congrats, Nishka!!

Who: Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone
Where: On the set of "Saregamapa"

In some other part of the country, Deepika decided to fill the color void by wearing a bright lime green/blue Salvaar Kameej for her new movie promos. Hmm, looks like the dress sucked all the color out of her shoes!! Is that the best shoes Deepika could come up with??

Do love the colors and her nude makeup is just fab..Pity abt the shoes...

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Vintage Vixen said...

Isn't Deepika beautiful? I'd missed those shoes, they are a very odd choice.
Not really loving either of the black outfits, for me it should be either cleavage OR leg, it's just overkill. xxx said...

Deepika looks stunning! Katrina's choice is very 'school girlish' or literally like a baby doll. Something seems odd to me.

style'n said...

I love Katrina's outfit.

la mì said...

I like this post!I love all black dresses!
black is one of my favourite colour!!!
I'd like you visit my blog...if you want, follow me!

Harman said... the look!!

MissNeira said...

She looks so gorgeous! I love her makeup

Miss Neira

une tasse said...

Not liking the lime green on Deepika!

Splurgerina said...

Katrina's face is already so sweet and girly and on top of that she wears all these "princessy"'s an overdose!! Love Deepika's outfit..agree about her shoes though!

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