Sunday, November 14, 2010

Events: Christian Dior Store opening - III

Who: Bhavna Pandey, Nandita Mahtani

Its very difficult to choose between the two gowns since both are in such gorgeous colors. Love the feminine draping and soft fluidity of both the outfits..
I wish Nandita had gone for an updo to highlight her halter neckline.

Who: Raveena Tandon, Guest

Again, beautiful outfits in attention-catching colors. Love Raveena's gown that teams a classic silhouette with such a in-your-face color.
The teal-colored dress fits the guest like a glove and she truly does justice to that outfit.

Who: Shamita Shetty, Guest

I would wear Shamita's dress in a heartbeat but not to such a formal red-carpet event. Its fun and flirty - perfect for a more causal event.
The guest caught my eye becoz she reminded me of Indian Rajasthani puppet. She looks very graceful in what looks like a Sabyasachi.

4 comments: said...

I like Sabine Chopra's outfit the most. It must be Sabyasachi 'coz she has been his muse for a long time. Before Ranis and Vidyas came along! :)

Anonymous said...

guest in the teal dress is laila mallaya - vijay mallaya's daughter

Vintage Vixen said...

Nandita Mahtani's dress is my favourite such a brilliantly bold colour,. It takes supreme confidence to wear that, fabulous I think. xxx

sandhyaa said...

i like nandita's n Bhavna's outfit d most... gorgeous gowns !!!!
shamita's outfit is good for a casual event...

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