Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who wore it better? - Couture smackdown!!

Shahzahn or Charlize Theron

Mallika Arora Khan or Marion Cotillard

Genelia D'Souza or Bryce Dallas Howard

Queenie Dhody or Marion Cotillard

Surily Goel, Naomi Watts or Rihanna

Jacket with Harem pants or skirt - Neha Dhupia or Model


Anonymous said...

wow! this is such a fine find :) love your blog.

Vibhuti said...

Im sure this has taken you loads of research to compile this post and what a fantastic one it is!!
In MY opinion our Indian beauties are way HOT..
I dont know whether it is my patriotism or their Haute panache but I stick by Malaika right up to Neha..except maybe Rihanna beats Surily!!!

Dusk said...


Mallika [hands down!]
Neither...although I do love the look on the model, I cannot get past the twig limbs.

Poohkie said...

Mallika (she'd look fab in anything)
Bryce (I love her)

namita said...

It's a tie,
Marion (what was Queeny thinking?!?!)
Naomi - I prefer the length,
model. Neha's corset makes her looks HUGE, even though she clearly isn't - aren't corsets supposed to have the exact opposite effect?

It looks like the Indian girls are given these clothes but the designer doesn't send a tailor, so none of them fit as well... or they do stupid things like put a black bra underneath a sheer nude top so that the outfit looks incredibly CHEAP! (yes I'm looking at YOU Queeny) or pin the top of the dress so as not too expose too much cleavage, resulting in a weird fit (Shahzahn).

Ho hum - Great post btw!!

sandhyaa said...

none !
Malaika !
Naomi !
model !
how much you googled for this post?? :P
gr8 post !

Silvia_C said...

HEY CUTE BLOG!!!! Will you check out mine? It's new and i'd love to have you as a follower!

Hope to hear from you soon:

style'n said...

wow how did you find these? ok charlize (not by much), Mallika for sure, Bryce, neither, Naomi....
love this!

ClassyandFabulous said...

charlize hands down! malaika,bryce,marion,naomi, model!!

Jeweliot said...

1- charlize theron. though i dont like that dress on either

2- malaika arora khan. Oooomp.

3- genelia - CUTE.

4- marion cottilard

5- rihanna.. shes such a rockstar

6- the model. actually both look kind of incomplete... somehow.

Splurgerina said...

Charlize - I like the drama created with her red lips

Malaika - her hair looks better!

Neither -- the color washes both of them out!

Cotillard -- I think she has the better body to carry a gown like that.

Rihanna -- something about her attitude and the way she carries most of the things she wears!

Model -- even though it looks like something you would wear to bed it looks a lot better than how Neha wore it!

StylishDesi said...


phew! great post :)

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