Monday, November 15, 2010

Magazine Covers - November 2010

Elle - Sendhil Ramamurthy & Sonia Dara
Vogue - Priyanka Chopra
Harper's Bazaar - Twinkle Khanna
Grazia - Monikangana Dutta
Filmfare - Ajay Devgan & Kareena Kapoor
Marie Claire - Sonakshi Sinha

I love, love the outfit worn by Priyanka on the Vogue cover. Its by Marc Jacobs for the next LV collection. Its a perfect blend of Eastern fabric and embroidery with western silhouette. Traditional and contemporary...

The other cover I liked was Monikangana for Grazia. She is wearing a mohair (yup, mohair) D & G skirt paired with a D & G lace top. She look very striking in black and the pink masthead works well..

The rest of the covers are just meh..but everything pales in comparison to the FHM cover.

FHM - Vidya Balan

Va-va-voom!! Never seen a sexier back!! Not sure why Vidya decided to this - getting tired of her "serious actress" image?? quoted as Vidya saying, “I’m glad people are getting bored of just seeing women in bikinis we’ve become very parochial about sexiness.
I think the sari is by far the sexiest garment it covers the right amount, it exposes the right amount it’s such a tease and I like teasing.”

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6 comments: said...

nothing is really blowing my mind! Vidya is taking a risk and I like!

Vintage Vixen said...

Vidya looks incredible, that is one sexy back. I bet the FHM sales rocketed for that issue. Loving the Harper's Bazaar and Grazia covers, too - i'd die for curves like those ladies. xxx

Harman said...

vidya balan...a complete Wow!

Vivarjitha said...


Dusk said...

Viday looks AHHHmazing!

Monikangana's body is deliciously curvy! I thought she was a stick figure like Sonia Dara!

Jeweliot said...

I loved this picture of Vidya' was in the paper too.. she looks great. I liked her ONLY in parineeta so far. the sexy indian woman look.

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