Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sheela Ki Jawani

The post has nothing to with the song but I cant get the dayum tune out of my head!! I know I going to get hell but I like it better than "Munni badnam". There I said it..

Ok, I digress..lets look at some fashion bloopers..

Who: Shriya Saran
Where: Den party

Shriya was doing good with the silk halter neck, CD bag and silver cutout shoes but then she added shorts into the mix. It doesn't playoff well with other elements of her look..Cuffed/formal black shorts would have looked better.

Who: Shilpa Shetty
Where: Esprit SOS event

No wonder Taylor Momsen is pantless, Shilpa is wearing her jeans:P
I am ok with ripped jeans but not when it looks like someone ran a lawn mover on them!!
Do love the tailored combination of brown/gray jacket with sunny, cheery yellow t-shirt..

Who: Kiran Rao
Where: At "Dhobi Ghat" first look

Kiran with a Todd D bag at the release of "Dhobi Ghat" first look. Is she going to be a director whose bags cost more than her movies:-)

Here's the official trailer of "Dhobi Ghat".

What do you guys think?? Does look interesting...

And here is the song!!



Vintage Vixen said...

Agree with the dodgy dressed ladies, those rhinestone shorts are particularly horrid.
Aamir Khan always chooses some interesting roles, loved Ghajini. xxx

Desi and the City said...

Shilpa rocks!

photohogger said...

Can't wait for this movie!! Kiran's pretty in a understated way, which is so cool!

Harman said...


Splurgerina said...

Shilpa's jeans are hideous!! Lol at sheela ki jawaani..the song is totally growing on me too!!

Taj Acosta said...

I like Shriya's makeup she is glowing! I totally agree on the shorts! Hope you are having a good week so far! xo

style'n said...

I agree-first outfit would have been cuter with black shorts or even tights/booties. Not loving Shilpa's outfit.

Jeweliot said...

downloading sheela's jawani!!! woohoo

i want shriya saran's bag

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Agree with you on the first two. Minus the shorts and over-ripped pants, the looks were fantastic!

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