Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebs at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2011

Black and White
Who: Amrita Arora, Minissha Lamba, Soniya Mehra

Who: Mandira Bedi, Rhea Kapoor

Skinny belts
Who: Sameera Reddy, Mugdha Godse

Sabyasachi's Muse
Who: Sabine Chopra

Who: Soniya Mehra, Tanushree Dutta, Guest

Curtain Raisers
Who: Mugdha Godse, Vidya Maldave

My fashionista sister dressed me up!
Who: Rhea Kapoor

I killed Carrie Bradhsaw for this dress!
Who: Guest

Which look did you like best?

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antara4ever said...

black n white: Minissha Lamba

skinny belts: Mugdha...even though I am a sucker for red dresses. But Sameera's belt should have been a LITTLE upwards. Or maybe it's the photo's angle?

Sabyasachi's muse: i like the ochre-black-cream stripes on the skirt but i really don't know if I would ever wear any of those outfits.

Quirky: Tanushree. Hands down. LOVE the print.

Curtain Raisers: hmm...i just don't like that shade of pink so i'll go with Vidya.

Ok Rhea Kapoor: umm...i am not even going to say anything about the 2nd outfit. :| about the first one...I don't see the point of hiding a (possibly?) nice black dress under a plaid shirt. I adore plaid shirt but seriously? How many number of clothes is she wearing really?

out of all these Tanushree's dress had the awesomest print ever and I can't seem to get it off my mind

Tejal Pandkar said...

I like Soniya Mehra in Quirky & I loved Vidya Maldave's dress (not the whole outfit just the dress)

Amrita Arora has also put together a pretty good outfit (Black & white)

Tanvi said...

So many to choose from S! Mandira's saree is nice, Sameera looks good and so does Soniya in the second outfit.

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sartorial diary said...

haha the girl who killed carrie bradshaw is most definitely the best amongst the lot!
but then again,the credit should go to carrie bradshaw and not her!

I love only riddhi said...

mughda and vidya are looking so very complete...
i liked them both...

Raajii said...

I love your captions :-)

frenchleaveblog said...

I'm actually impressed by Sabine Chopra. I think she's pulled it off really well. I would look like a clown wearing what she's carrying out so well.

Other than that, it looks boring to me. Soniya looks good in a hippy-Boho way in the second pic, but I wouldn't wear that to an evening out.

I'm still in awe of Sabine.

☆ Crazy Diamond ☆ said...

sameera reddy

Rhea kapoor is a joke.. and sabyasachi's muse -- hilariously dressed. both the guests - funny.

i like amrita's top too..

Jahn 'n Style said...

i like Tanushree's dress...but not her shoes!
Mandira looks lovely in that saree :)

Harman said...

..somewhere ..I felt its a competition among the ugliest....
or maybe.....

anyways....Sameera and mugdha looks at least ok...among all...

Hautepink said...

Lovee this post! Ill be following! Check Me Out:

Chandana said...

Sameera's dress is nice... simple and elegant..

Mandira's saree is lovely... and so is Tanushree's dress!

Splurgerina said...

I like Amrita..but not her shoes..Soniya looks cute...Mandira Bedi is gorgeous (love her hair) and the Carrie Bradshaw babe!

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