Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I want..

Who: Lisa Haydon
Where: HDIL invitation Cup press conference

.. a blue sequins dress to sizzle in. Neck down, Lisa is fabulous but her hair and makeup looks a little dull, no?

Who: Amrita Arora, Shazahn Padamsee
Where: Suzanne Khan Charcoal project, Stardust party

..nothing from Amrita's closet (would anyone?) except her weight loss diary!

..Shazahn's leopard print clutch. Leopard print has never been hotter and this clutch is so versatile. It adds the right amount of sexy to a black dress and can also be paired with your favorite jeans for a touch of vintage glamor.

Who: Narmaada Ahuja, Madhoo, Krisha Lulla
Where: Neeta Lulla collection preview for Aza

.. a Hermes Birkin, Parda and Fendi Spy bag to add to my bag collection.

Seriously, did you see the size of Narmaada's Birkin? That is one plus-sized bag!

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Crazy Diamond said...

wow i love leopard clutch and haydon's dress. damn

Vintage Vixen said...

Shazahn's my favourite here, understated glam. xxx

ClassyandFabulous said...

I want to BE lisa haydon

sartorial diary said...

true that about lisa haydon(though she still looks gorgeous!)
amrita and shahzan should get rid of those tacky excuses for clothes!
also,how lustworthy are the hermes and prada bags? said...

Lisa Haydon's dress! I want. Also want to be someone who has somewhere to wear it :P

Harman said...

..I like Lisa Haydon's dress!cool

Splurgerina said...

Lisa Haydon's dress is awesome!! Unfortunately, like you said, her hair and makeup didn't match up!

Anonymous said...

Love Lisa's dress and Suzanne's clutch!

style'n said...

Agree about Lisa but the dress is amazing. love that shade of blue

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