Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spotted around town

Who: Priyanka Chopra
Where: Nikon Coolpix camera launch

Genie Pants Jumpsuit - didnt even know these things existed! They do look comfy but peeing is going to be a major pain, no? Anyways, I digress...Back to Piggy Chops - love the necklace. The shoes are pretty too but look a little discordant with this outfit. Her foundation is the wrong shade, too.

Who: Monikangana Dutta
Where: At Neeta Lulla store

Please tell me how is this girl a model??
Are there no mirrors in her house?? If Priyanka overloaded on her foundation, Ms. Dutta skipped hers. And hon, blotting paper is available in most places - invest in it.

Who: Preity Zinta, Deepika Padukone, Guest at LFW 2011

Who rocked the trilby hat? A rhetorical question, no? Preity!!!

Who: Amrita Arora, Suzanne Roshan
Where: Paul and Shark launch

Who rocked the black/blue combination? This you can answer truthfully without any fear of retribution;-)

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Jahn 'n Style said...

both Preity and Deepika rocks the Trilby hat :)
PC's outfit is a whole lot of confusion!! love her necklace though :):)
i like Suzanne's outfit better, coz she completes it with the perfect pair of shoes :):)

Pratishtha Durga said...

Piggy Chops has a history of fashion disasters, so am not at all surprised. As for Monikangana... Sigh... Poor thing.

style'n said...

Suzanne looks cute and I kind of like PC's outfit but something is off. I think the jumpsuit would be nice in black maybe.

Tanvi said...

I like that hat on Deepika ;)

Vintage Vixen said...

I love the jumpsuit but, yes, peeing is a pain. I speak from embarrasing experience. xxx

ClassyandFabulous said...

the jumpsuit is so transparent. I saw some pix of it being hit by flash and her whole strapless bra was visible. It really annoys me that these stars cant think enough and take into account what the flash bulbs will do to their outfits

Vivarjitha said...

wow....suzanne looks gr8!!!

Harman said...

Suzaane..looks good!

Shriya said...

Monikangana Dutta, Shall I tell you why she is a model or how she is? Majority of these ladies sleep around or have links within family to get them famous. x P.S: I am not that certain though, just a guess =)

☆ Crazy Diamond ☆ said...

Yikes @ Priyanka

Yikes @ Monikangana

Love Zinta' jacket

black n blue combination... my favorite ever. I think both of them are looking nice... Amrita slightly better :) love suzanne's peeptoes

☆ Crazy Diamond ☆ said...

when i posted the comment and the page loaded again , i saw priyanka.. again!

so.. YIKES again


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