Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spotted around town

Who: Bipasha Basu
Where: Tommy Hilfiger shoe launch

Havent seen Bipasha in ages!! She looks youthful and fresh in a strapless, flowy floral dress. She smartly balanced the multi-hued combo with a black belt, clutch and tan shoes. She kept her makeup light and best of all, she has changed her hairstyle!

Who: Kangana Ranaut
Where: "Game" movie launch

Love the colors and print of this dress. It does look like an old wallpaper but I like. And the best part is her shoes. Brilliant!! I think she put them on by fluke- she cant be that fashion savvy. The only bad part is the fit of the dress - its so shapeless:( No wonder she is grumpy.

Who: Shraddha Kapoor, Sarah Jane Dias
Where: Lakme fantasy collection launch, "Game" movie launch

Both, Shraddha and Sarah, wore my current favorite shade of pink - a dull, dusty pink. Of the two, I like Sarah's outfit better. Shraddha's outfit looks like lingerie. The baby doll style combined with gauzy fabric reminds of Victoria's Secret stuff.

Who: Lisa Haydon
Where: Lakme fantasy collection launch

The purple lining on Lisa's jacket is so quirky, no? It adds some jazz to a boring blazer-skirt combo. She wore an asymmetrical top underneath which again is very unexpected. Yay to Lisa's interpretation of the traditional suit.

Who: Ira Dubey, Surily Goel
Where: At her store launch, Tommy Hilfiger shoe launch

Ira - She is too thin. Clothes just hang on her. Eat! Carbs love you. Love them back!

Surily - Isn't her clutch adorable? Goes so well with grey dress.

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Vintage Vixen said...

Nothing really does it for me today although Kangana's colour combo is brilliant especially with those pink shoes. She's have looked much better with skinny jeans to balance out that humungous top. xxx

antara4ever said...

the floral dress by Bipasha is nice and that's coming from someone who does NOT like floral dresses. :P
Lisa's make up makes me want to cringe a little!

Sam B said...
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Sam B said...

I'm totally digging Bipasha's look.

Kangana could do with a belt with the dress.

I love Lisa Ray's unconventional much more interesting than most of the bollywood stars. :)

Tanvi said...

Bips is looking to fit and HOT!! Love the new do. I like the change. Also love the color combination of Kangana's dress. Very pleasant to the eyes.

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ClassyandFabulous said...

love bips dress and lisa`s jacket!

P.s please consider removing word verification. Its so tedious to do every time and i swear u dont get any spam!

Harman said...

love bips...Gr8...
and your comment on ira..dubey
love ya gurl!

Vivarjitha said...

wow....bipasha looks gr8...!!!

šмaгyaм said...

Bipasha looks the best, by far!

Splurgerina said...

Love Bipasha here..and might I add after a long long time. Probably has to do with her hair!!

style'n said...

Bipasha looks her look

☆ Crazy Diamond ☆ said...

Oh, BIPASHAAAA BASooohhh!! Rocking it.

Loving haydon's asymmetrical top under the jacket.. nice

right about kangy's fit. making her look bigger than she is.. :/ but cute yeah

but... bassssssu!

ok i am not John. They broke up or what? gossip gossip

Jahn 'n Style said...

love Bipasha's dress :)

what's up with Lisa's makeup??

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