Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Celebs at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2011

Who: Bipasha Basu

I like Bipasha's new long hair - it gives her a softer look. The color of the dress is so fresh and I like her choice of shoes. The fit of the dress esp. near the upper body is a little off as it gives her a slouchy look. Either that or she skipped wearing a bra:P

Who: Tisca Chopra

Tisca is perfectly polished in an asymmetrical floral dress paired with an orange Balenciaga clutch. The orange bag helps pull the orange in the dress and provides a nice visual contrast . Her hairstyle adds to the sleek sophisticated look. I like!

Who: Sarah Jane Diaz

Suddenly, she is everywhere, no? The grey masculine pants are so cool but not sure if its the length or her shoes that totally spoil the look.

Who: Raageshwari

Raageshwari in a Satya Paul dress from last year's collection. Is it too early to make my X'mas wish list? I am completely drooling over this dress.

Who: Sabine Chopra

Sabine continues her adventure in Sabyasachi-land. I am a big fan of exposed zippers craze but not the fly zipper!! That is just eeeww..And did Sabyasachi gift her his entire collection??

Who: Suzanne Roshan, Minissha Lamba

That is one dull, boring dress on Suzanne. Minissha is slightly better becoz of the belt detail and her bright red shoes.

photo credits: filmcafe.com, pinkvilla.com, bollywoodhungama.com


Jahn 'n Style said...

Bipasha rocks again!! love the color of her dress :)

☆ Crazy Diamond ☆ said...

Tisca Chopra is really polished. I like her dressing style now..

Did you see "dil to bacha hai ji" ? Tisca looked fab in that movie..

I like Sarah Jane in the second outfit - all white. nice accessories. belt - necklace - shoes - bag.

Sam B said...

Bipasha does look fresh and I missed seeing her around.

Tisca Chopra's print is a bit OTT for me.

Satya Paul dress seriously is delicious :)

and Sabyasachi-land is OTT quirky!!

I love the masculine pants :D

And Im having a OTT overdose here :| :P

Chandana said...

LOVE Bipasha's dress... the colour is perfect... I want!!!

Tisca looks really good here... !

Tejal Pandkar said...

Love that green Bipasha is wearing..& the shoes look great on that dress!

Raageshwari looks beautiful ..I love her skin...I think she can look good in just anything.

Tanvi said...

I like Sarah Jane's look. She is everywhere 'coz her movie (Game) is coming with AB Jr. :)

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Tanvi said...

P.S. Thank You for removing the word verification. It is so much easier now! :)

from © tanvii.com

ClassyandFabulous said...

OMG U removed word verificatiiiioonn YESSSS!!!

Anonymous said...

Like only and only Bipasha and Sabine, as a work of art! Emerald/Bottle-green is one shade I'm yearning to have but haven't come acrossthe perfect shade in my budget yet! And like you said, I love exposed zippers too but not the fly zipper! :D That's way too much attention where I don't want! :D

Tass said...

Totally random comment but Bipasha really reminds me of a UK tv presenter, Christine Bleakley http://topnews.in/light/files/christine-bleakley968.jpg

Sunaina said...

Ooh I see some crazy outfits!

Love the green dress though.

Yea Suriname is nice and I do have family over there, but also in Thailand and India!


Splurgerina said...

I feel the same way about Bipasha...she looks so much better with that hair...Love the color of her dress and her red nails!! Love Sarah Jane's gray pants as well!

sartorial diary said...

sarah jane looks nice.especially loving her in the grey pants!
i like elements of sabina chopra's outfits,but as a whole it looks OTT!
and minisha lamba looks unrecognisable(i actually mistook her for bipasha basu here)!maybe she should visit her plastic surgeon less frequently!


- Sugar Cube - said...

lol @ ur comments :d haha

I love Bipasha's dress!!

style'n said...

Love Tisca's dress and I want that satya paul dress too!!!!

Harman said...

Bipashas dress!is somethin to drool for!
next one is rageshwari..its beautiful..represents holi festival :)
Seriously all nice fresh summer colors...and perfect style!

StylishDesi said...

Love Bipasha's look. Her dress and her hair are great!


Prutha said...

in utter love with Sabine Chopra's outfits... exposed zippers included,.... i want both of them exactly they way they r

Anonymous said...

suzanne roshan is uncharismatic, definitly not a beautiful woman...i'm sorry

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