Sunday, September 19, 2010

Events: Shabana Azmi bday party

Who: Shabana Azmi

Happy 60th Bday, Ms Azmi!! Not sure why you decided to wear a circus tent. Maybe she is playing the dual role of hostess as well as entertainer of the evening..Anyways, hope you had a blast!! and where is my invite??

Who: Dia Mirza

OMG!! Just yesterday I had picked a one-shoulder, loose fitting, sash at the waist outfit from Narendra Kumar's LFW collection for Dia and today she is wearing an uncannily similar outfit!! Am I good or what??

Dia ends her long dry run on the red carpet in this darling single-strap dress which she perfectly accessorized. Love the snowy palette and the beautiful draping of the dress...

Who: Shahzahn Padamsee

Mixing prints is not that easy and you have to try different combos before you get it right. Unfortunately, this is one outfit where it doesn't work. Instead of black and white, if Shahzahn had worn white and pink stripes, she may have pulled it off.. What do you guys think?

Left: Vidya Balan, Center: Aishwarya Rai, Right: Urmila Matondkar

Vidya decided to give the b'day girl company by wearing a tent too!! If you wondering about her hat, the theme of Shabana's party was different headgears. Knowing Vidya, I am pretty sure she would have worn it irrespective of the theme!!
Aishwarya looks simple and chic in a black outfit.
I love Urmila's hat - she carries it off pretty well. Her outfit is nothing great - when you make so few appearances, I would make sure each one rocks!!

Who: Amrita Rao

The world is doomed if people are looking at Priyanka Chopra for style inspiration!! That double-looped necklace is sooo outdated and at the jacket color clashes with the skirt..It looked teenagerish on Priyanka and so does on Amrita..

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Dusk said...

Other than the fabulous Azmi (60?????) and Aish's hair and maybe Dia's shoes... yawn...

Cinderella said...
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Cinderella said...

Priyanka's dress was far better, though uncannily boring, than what this boring lass is wearing here.

Tanvi said...

I do like Ms. Padamsee! Actually She is the best of the lot here! :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Azmi looks amazing for a 60 year old, mind you she looks amazing full stop. I love her bravery and kick-ass attitude.
The stripes and floral combo was big here in the UK last summer, it's all about leopard and polka dots this season apparently. xxx

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