Thursday, September 2, 2010

Style diaries

Who: Karishma Kapoor
Where: Worli Dahi handi celebrations

Well, well who do we have here? Haven't seen Karishma in a long time. She looks pretty in a short anarkali and I like the contrast of the electric blue against the white. Her skin is positively glowing in the right-hand pic!!

Who: Bipasha Basu
Where: Screening of "Dombivili Fast"

Not digging Bipasha's outfit - those tights are an eyesore and the shoes make her feet look huge and manly. She should have skipped the tights - she certainly has the legs to carry this bubble dress and gone for some cute kitten heels.

Who: (L) Juhi Chawla, (R) Prachi Desai
Where: Ramayana First look launch, Dahi handi event

Juhi and Prachi wore very similar outfits to different events today. Other than the soft yellow color, there isnt much I like here.

Who: Riya Sen
Where: Ramayana First look launch

This is a very simple dress but I like it. Riya looks like a nice cold drink on a hot summer day. She wisely didnt over accessorize and completed her ensemble with glossy hair and perfect makeup..

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Tanvi said...

Karisma is glowing and how loving is that lavender[?] color on her. Good to see her after so long.

Bips - Mehh!!!

I always like Juhi! May be I am partial ;)

Riya look cool as a cucumber! Nicely done! :)

kiran said...

Karisma looks lovely and i love her outfit too.... Juhi looks good too in that yellow...

Dusk said...

Hmmm... Ditto everything you said... especially about Bipasha. I love that woman and she has the body of a Goddess but she looks like a citizen of Planet Boringwood here.

Crazy Diamond said...

loving only what Riya's wearing..

style'n said...

I swear we think alike! I was just thinking wow I have not seen Karishma in a long time and don't like the next couple of outfits. BUT, Riya looks simple and stunning!

RoseBarbie said...

ooo I love that blue...

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Lol at Planet Boringwood by Dusk!! :D :D :D

I, sadly have to agree with you on Bips too. Sad because I LOVE her! She's good waist up here but just not phenomenal like always!

Nothing else seems to entice me!

une tasse said...

eww what is Bipasha wearing?

Poorna Shetty said...

Agree with everything you've said.

P.s: Bipasha, my grandma wants her doily back.

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