Friday, September 3, 2010

Sequins and prints with some white throw in..

Who: Shilpa Shetty
Where: Blenders tour day

Uh-oh, looks like her stylist is on vacation. How else to explain the big ugly bag, equally ugly shoes and..well, I cant get pass the bag. The bag is so discordant with the sequins/skinny look she has going on..

Who: Soniya Mehra
Where: Blenders tour day

Soniya wore a white dress by Nandita Mahtani and teamed it with Jimmy Choo shoes and Gucci bags (as per her tweet). I love the dress but not sure about the black belt - the color/style looks harsh against the ethereal dress..The shoes although cute don't really complement the dress..

Who: Amrita Arora
Where: Blenders tour day

Amrita looked radiant on the ramp in a Leopard print Surily Goel dress. I was totally digging the net over dress thing in the first pic but then I looked at the second picture. It looks as if Amrita gathered all the extra material and tied it into a knot...Really sloppy:-(

Who: Malaika Arora Khan
Where: Launch of website

I think we all are in agreement that Malaika has a body to die for. The dress is a different story:-) I dont have a front facing pic of hers but it looks like the dress is a little loose on the top and kinda gives her a boxy appearance. Iffy on the braided belt and and I am not a big fan of snake prints...Perfect slutty shoes:P

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Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Hahahaha let me finish laughing at the perfect 'slutty' shoes!! :D I hope it's not really a technical term or else I'm just stupid! :P

Lol, before I start, I have to say I love your unprecedented, unaffected opinion and words! And also the fact that you appreciate others' views too, irrespective of whether they match or collide with yours! :)

Okay now to this post again. I'm loving Shilpa, honey, and am not able to just find a flaw! Is it the sequin magic on me? :)

The white soul not working for me.

Amrita's dress is great but agree with you on the foulard.

Agree with you about Malaika's dress too. How could she go wrong with the fit? We know the dress is supposed to be loose there but this is really too much and completely ruins her side-prfile; although I like snake-prints.

Rakhshanda said...

Hi..I'm a new visitor of your blog...your blog is very interesting...different from love it.

Amanda Lee said...

heyhey! its been so long since i've been blogging!

shilpa shetty looks like a bit of a mess i think! theres so much going on! amrita arora too!

but malaika looks amazing!!!!


sandhyaa said...

shilpa luking messy..the bag isnt working for her neither the top is fitting well..nd amrita's net thing is big NO NO. i like soniya's shoes.

Tanvi said...

I like ONLY Soniya out of the lot and I also like her shoes with the outfit! I guess we will never (well seldom) match on our shoes choices! :)

Crazy Diamond said...

HATED amrita's net thing .. SLOPPY as you said..

hated shetty's shoes..

like mehra's belt..not with the dress but otherwise i like the belt.. its cute

shilpa shetty does not need such a wide clutch..its for the ones who want to hide some flab HE HE

Vivarjitha said...

nice pics....y is shilpa mostly a nitemare???

Vinda Sonata said...

i love shilpa's glossy top, though.
and malika has a great figure, although that top is, yes, slightly too big for her..

Life Unleashed said...

amrita arora is as awful as shilpa's bag

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm sure I'd already posted my comment, how very odd!
I'm loving all the ladies' shoes in this post and think Shilpa would look fantastic if she ditched that nasty elastic belt. Love her bag. She's adored in the UK, everyone loves her. xxx

The Beautifier said...

I am not liking Amrita's look at all:/ well,I am loving those Jimmy Choo shoes! :)

Desi and the City said...

Why is Shilpa Shetty dressed horrible? Her outfit is the best!


Poorna Shetty said...

Why does Shilpa Shetty always look like her wardrobe opens into a portal marked 1980? The bag is wrong, the shoes are wrong and that top - ooof. If you want my professional opinion, that shape suits a softer material much better than sequins which just aren't forgiving or flattering in that silhouette.

Quite like Soniya's outfit esp the shoes, but agree a different belt would be better.

Amrita - one word, Tarzan.

Malaika - just no. The dangling belt is tacky, that dress is fugly. Jesus someone get these women a stylist! Or a mirror!

Dusk said...

I love Shilpa's top!...and her glossy hair... yum! Malaika's legs are yum too!

Soniya's dress is lovely but... no.

@ Poorna - "Amrita - one word, Tarzan."


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