Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Night Out 2010 - Delhi

I was expecting way more bollywood celebs at the FNO but we only had Bipasha, Jacqueline and Kangana at FNO, Delhi 2010..

Who: Jacqueline Fernandez

I love, love the FNO t-shirt but not isnt that the hand sign for "Hang loose" which is often associated with Hawaii?? Not sure what its association with Indian fashion industry....But then again fashion has no boundaries...

Who: Bipasha Basu

I think Bipasha is more than enough to add oomph to FNO!! And all it took was FNO to get her to change her hairstyle..

Who: Kangana Ranaut

Not exactly something I would wear but then again I am not even sure what Kangana is doing here...

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Tanvi said...

Jacqueline is looking spunky! Love the look and the tee.

Dusk said...

Bipasha is one of the most stunning women I will ever have the privilege of seeing but... she needs to stop shopping at Fredericks of Hollywood.

Poorna Shetty said...

Love Jacqueline's outfit - my favourite.

I realise this is a bit unfair, and Bips has an amazing figure but that dress is just too short and too flashy at the top. I'm hardly conservative and I usually hate it when people say this, but she is just too old to pull that outfit off.

Kangana - jesus christ. Words fail me. Just look at what she's wearing on her feet.

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

WOW!! Bipasha, the sexy one!! See, I adore her. Look at the sex. I love that lacy front, the sexy updo and the killer shoes. Flawless to be sexy. I'd totally, absolutely wear her dress.

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