Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sonali is (almost) perfect!!

Who: Sonali Bendre
Where: India Got Talent finalists event

I dont think anyone has ever looked this good in a jumpsuit! Sonali in a blue jumpsuit that she accesorized with a stunning statement necklace. The jumpsuit has lovely sheen and I like the way the material drapes too; it’s dressy in a completely unexpected way. If not for the the weird fitting near her va-jay-jay, this would have been a flawless appearance.

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Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Hahahahhahaa I just noticed when you mentioned! It really is quite ..I don't know what but you made it funny at least! :D Now I will again scroll up to look at her crotch gosh kill me please lol !!

Jokes apart, she looks straight out of the seventies because of the bootcut style. Very well done!

Dusk said...

This title sucked me in!!!!!!!! I was like "what do you mean almost??? You ARE."


...but okay...yes, I LOVE this jumpsuit!! except for the "va-ja-jay" gathering... hahahahahahahaha!!! which is rather unfortunate.

I think this is a silk chiffon, hence the unflattering gathering, a very hard material to stitch. Beautiful though.

Vintage Vixen said...

Camel toe alert! What a shame. You are right, perfection in every way but one. Doesn't the poor girl have a stylist. xxx

Tanvi said...

Haha! I hadn't noticed till you mentioned! BUt she does look good! :)

Angels Never Lie said...

yep she is lukin nice...far better dan rani...i like da one side neck line but da neckpiece is too over the board

bollywoodstylediaries said...

@Dusk: awww, thats so sweet of you!!

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