Thursday, September 16, 2010

Magazine Covers - Sept 2010

Verve, Harper's Bazaar - Deepika Padukone
Grazia, Elle: Diana Penty
Vogue: Bipasha
HiBlitz : Lara Dutta

Deepika scored two covers this month - Verve and Harper's Bazaar. She went for an ethnic look on one and western outfit (boring!! but love her hair) for the other. Even though her hairstyle and clothes are polar opposites, she still has the same pose on both covers - half-turn towards the camera!! I like the Verve better of the two..

Diana Penty - she replaces Deepika as the new face of Maybelline - also was busy this month. I love her outfit on Grazia but I am not sure why they fashioned her hair into a baguette. Terrible and ugly!! Diana makes it up by totally rocking the Elle cover. Love her shoes..

Nothing really exciting about Vogue cover but I have a crib. The cover says "Bipasha means business" but her body language and expression is "hit me, walk all over me". ...sigh...A pity since Bipasha is "fierce"..

Gorgeous Lara on Hi-blitz cover..Love the body paint and her hair-pin and the color-composition..

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shalini said...

Diana and Lara(my favourite) are looking gorgeous in Elle and Hi blitz covers.

Didnt like Deepika's hairdo in Bazaar cover, although she is looking great in the other cover. She has very traditional looks.

I wish Bipasha had a longer dress, and maybe a different expression as well.

Tanvi said...

Loving the Elle cover. She has such a soft look! I like! :)

sandhyaa said...

lara is luking so elegantly hot here...

Poorna Shetty said...

What the frick is Deepika wearing in Harper's Bazaar?! It looks like a demented hybrid of a Christmas jumper and a dress!

Surabhi Agarwal said...

Like the elle cover the most!
But before seeing who it was,I thought it was shazan padmashee

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