Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whats your color contrast?

Yesterday, Aishwarya wore a silver Roberto Cavalli gown and teamed it with a blue clutch. The contrast didnt sit well with me. At the same event, Rachel Bilson was seen in an animal print dress which she teamed with a bright reddish-ornage clutch. And that looked gorgeous!! So what are some colors that should never be paired? and when does it seal the deal?? Was I too quick to judge Aishwarya :-)

I love playing with colors but I do keep in mind that (i) there isnt a whole lot already going on with my outfit( ii) I dont overdo the color (iii) the contrast is "soft" and not "harsh"..

So which "pop of color" did you like the best? What color contrasts do you rock in personal life?

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Sunaina said...

I actually don't like color contrasts! Love the last dress but would go for a black clutch!

That does sounds like my mom:P but it's true, studies is important.. *sigh* I hope this semester to be over real soon! Bet I'll have a burn out after it!

Thanks for the birthday wish!

More important is to enjoy life, so we should hold on to that thoughts!

Have a lovely weekend!

Vibhuti B said...

hey I think Drew has it right all the way! There are some famous contrasts I like to work, which keeps me walking the safer side like the red and white! Again the Black & white has beome staid!
Wonderfully interesting post once again!

Dandelion said...

love drew barrymore's grey dress with red clutch..
m a BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEG fan of animal prints and rachel bilson i looking like one sexy animal....she's hit all the right notes....
dont like the shoes and clutch of the girl with ginger red hair(dont knw d name) seems to clash with her hair color..dontcha think?
n the last row, black & white with a hint of red is a classic...NO COMPETITION...
n love, love, love the acean blue colour of the cluth with the nude dress, is it?
dint like aishwariya at all. somehow the dress doesnt work for me at all!

Dusk said...

I'm a fan of the clash and contrast. But perhaps not so much with my bag... I realise my bag always complements my ensemble.

Here the only one that really does it for me is Drew's last outfit.
...I normally like red and animal print but... Rachel looks a bit too much like Tarzan mussed her up... would have prefered a sixties silhouette...

Tanvi said...

Interesting! Can't make up my mind ... Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. I am afraid I do not think there is a thumb rule ... I do like mixing animal prints with a contrasting solid color. Some colors contrast and blend while others contrast and throw each other off ... which we wanna avoid. It's trial and error for me i guess! Drew's last outfit works the most.

photohogger said...

Love Rachel's, Drew's (the green/yellow and black/white/red)and the last bottom right corner..what's her face.

I love contrasts and do lots of colour pops all the time. Who knows if I'm doing it well hahhahaa!

photohogger said...

Oh and didn't like Aishwarya's dress, doesn't suit her: colour or cut!

style'n said...

I love both of Drew's combinations and I love the very last picture. that clutch is gorgeous. Great post by the way.

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