Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bag envy

Who: Sonam Kapoor
Where: IHLS game launch

I have been lusting after this Chloe Paraty bag ever since I saw it in Vogue. Isn't it marvelous?? It doesn't quite flow with her outfit which is pretty smart and trendy. The floral top is from French Connection. I love the belt but not sure why she took my advice and wore Suri Cruise's ballet shoes:-) Black shoes would have been better as right now the shoes and bag are clashing..

You can buy the top here and the bag here.

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Lazy Pineapple said...

loving her look..but she could have used the bag with some other outfit..

Tanvi said...

I saw IHLS last night. Worst movie every ... After watching the movie Sonam's stocks have gone down down down with me. She looks terrible, acted even terrible, the whole movie was soo pathetic. Worse than Raavan ... Worst Love Story I have ever seen in my whole life [and you know I have seen a load of movies] ... Agrh! Another bad movie night now. I am sticking with hollywood for few weeks now. Indian Cinema is making shiz ...

About her bag, me want too ... and the belt is weird ... and right nwo her smiling is annoying me ... want to smack her and take it off her face ... coz I want my money back :P

Anonymous said...

Dear BollywoodStyleDiaries

I discovered your blog after a recent press article, went through the archives and have to say loved them. You have an interesting way of writing things which makes it very refreshing to read.

I do however have one criticism and thats the fact that off late you have been injecting your text with IDs, for instance she is wearing xyz without even a hint of your original source from which you got the ID. It's a lot off-putting when there are only a couple of blogs out there and when i follow them all, i know exactly what was taken from where. Just hoping you correct that minor thing and then am sure your blog is set for great things.

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Dear Anonymous,

I am glad to know u liked my blog.

Reg the IDs, most of them I ID thru shopstyle and some thru persona shopping. I have really been lusting after this bag after I saw it in Vogue and as well as the Banana Republic dress that Ujjawal wore . But I will make sure I will credit my sources in all future IDs. Thank you so much for ur feedback!!

Point is noted and it will be fixed!!!


Tia! said...

Darn, you spoke about everything but the pants! I love that high waist one she's wearing. Where can I get them? Any idea, Sonali?

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