Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Event: IHLS Ahmedabad promotions

Who: Sonam Kapoor
Where: Promoting IHLS in Ahmedabad

Aha, I was partially correct - Sonam went for curly/wavy hair for her Ahmedabad promotions. She could have proven me completely correct by doing a Lady Gaga - wearing the stunning silver blazer with a cone bra and skirt made out of real hair:-) Instead, she wore it with boring beige pants and a white shirt, sigh..

If you had the gorgeous silver blazer, how would you style it? My options -- A black pencil skirt + kitten heels would look chic.. So would a black bandage dress as the blazer would tone down the sexiness of the dress... A texture contrast with lemon yellow chiffon dress..

Okay, lets now predict her next appearance. I say she will go bald and will channel Suri Cruise:-)

photo credits: pinkvilla.com, bollywoodhungama.com


Lazy Pineapple said...

yeah loving the Jacket....

Tanvi said...

Hahaha! ... She would? Well .. this is actually quite dull ... I wld pair the jacket with a hot pink number ... may be with black sky high pumps! Hmmm... But we'll never know coz I will never own that jacket. This young-talll-bish has all the stuff I want. *sigh*

Sovina said...

have a tag for you on my blog..grab it..and i am so in love with sonam's jacket..i have 100 different ideas on how to mix and match it with m wardrobe staples..

Vintage Vixen said...

Gorgeous jacket wirh beige pants? What was she thinking of? It deserves a glorious frock or some outrageous hot pants underneath, surely?

Taj Acosta said...

the jacket is incredible and she made it look so blah with that shirt and pants! It makes her look to matronly and old. spice it up!! She def needs a glam makeover on this one! hugs doll

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