Thursday, June 10, 2010

Event: Zara opening

Who: Kareena Kapoor

Honey, are you having bladder control issues? why are u always standing cross-legged?? jokes apart, I love the coral color of her dress but I have never been a fan of loose fitting dresses. They always look like maternity dresses to me:( I think a brown belt would have added some definition. She did her signature look - the smokey eyes and curled up her hair. I think I prefer her hair straight and wavy..

Who: Tara D’Souza

Honey, you got ur invites mixed up. This is not the IIFA 2010 red carpet:-)
I do have to say that if this is how she dresses for a store opening, I wonder what she wears for the red carpet events... That gown is really gorgeous!!

Who: Sophie Choudry

So what do you guys thing? Should we give her our seal of approval or should we let her sweat it out a little more:-)
I know lot of people don't like her but dayum she is looking decadent in that dress.

Who: Soniya Mehra

Dude, I missed you!! Long time, no see?? Soniya in Lecoanet Hemant corset, a Reiss skirt, Zara shoe. As you all know, I am a big, big fan of her sassy, singular style and she doesn't disappoint. love the chic vibe of her outfit. And no, I did not miss her "hair extensions" gone bad..The hair is terrible - something one would do on Halloween for a witch outfit, so no brownie points this time:(

Who: Shamita Shetty

I think she should have skipped the cardigan to make this look, work. Totally drooling on her shoes and the scalloped edging of her skirt..

Who: (L) Viveka Babaji, (R) guest

There are very fringe dresses that I like and this is one of them.
I like the color block pattern on the guest's dress and the halter maxi style is so beachy cool..

Who: (L) guest, (R) Parvathi Melton

The outfit of the left is simple yet so elegant.
Parvathi is another of my red carpet favs. The fan-shaped pleats on this dress look very interesting but I don't have a frontal pic of hers. The golden shoes are also just perfect.

Who: Rocky S, Shamita Shetty

So, Rocky, what do you think, fake or real;-)

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Nehaa said...

This is Hillarious... :) Bladder control.. Yeah now i think Kareena has some issues.. May be she is trying to hide and reveal at same time.. or pictured at wrong moment :)..

Vintage Vixen said...

What a bumper feast of lovelies!
Bladder control? Love it! I've got a habit of standing like that, too. Kareena looks gorgeous, lovin' the colour of her frock. She's so gorgeous!
Viveka's fringed dress is just adorable and your right, Soniya's hair is dreadful...eukkkk!

Adele said...

I love that first pic and the fringe dress!
- Adele

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

sure..your link was done..[lis check on my list..
you can follow me too if you dont mind..thx

Tanvi said...

Luurrrvveee Tara D’Souza's Gown! ...

Zanah said...

I have the same Zara shoes as Kareena :)

Rachana Kothari said...

I love your comments... bladder control? Lol :-) Kareena is looking stunning there :-)

Vintage Obsession said...

Sonya,Kareena i like also the guests parvathi and one more person , The rest i dislike

BarelyVogue said...

Why don't we have ZARA here in SD dang. My fav store. Everytime I want to shop i either have to go to SF<LA<LV
Keep in touch

Anonymous said...

You're funny...
I think these fake ones :-)

Taj Acosta said...

What the heck is Tara wearing!! lol! you are right she mixed up her invites!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my dearest! xoxo

Vivarjitha said...

kareena's dress is wow!!!luv that color!!!

Noble Beeyotch said...

I actually think Kareena's dress is pretty...I really like the coral color and the neckline details. Just wish she had added a nude belt for a defined waist. Tara is wearing a gorgeous gown. She must have stood out at the store opening!


Nalini Hebbar said...

loved Kareena's dress and it's colour...I think she can carry herself in anything!

Sovina said...

Love the coral on Kareena ...awesome color and one of my fav these days..HAte Shamita for wearing such a tacky skirt and pair it with a black , kind of peek a boo blouse..couldn't she have found something else? great way to spoil a gorgeous pair of the back detailing on the gown..and i think just give it to sophie..she is becoming better by the day..dont be too harsh:)

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