Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Events: Rajneeti Success party

Who: Raageshwari

Va-va-voom, Raageshwari is all old school glamor in this high waisted pencil skirt that accentuates her waist. She pairs it with a stunning red button-down shirt and cute high heels. I am so happy that she didn't go for white shoes! A simple but very classy, feminine look..

Who: Mehr Jessia Rampal

Mehr wore a cute white top that is sexy and alluring yet prim and proper at the same time. It does look a size too big but she looks good wearing it with black skinnies. Talk about making a grand entrance AND exit !!

Who: Shazahn Padamsee

I am not feeling any love for this uninspired animal print dress and equally boring hair. The shoes are pretty fierce but somehow are not going with the outfit. I would have preferred deep red peep-toes or red clutch - some color to put life into this animal:-)

Who:(L) Tareena Patel, (R) Guest

Red-orange is a tough combination to pull off and even though Tareena's outfit looks like she slept in it, I do have to say she got the color shades right.
Totally digging the Halston-like dress on the guest. No to the golden bridal clutch and shoes...

Who: Amrita Rao

Whaaat??? sigh, somewhere a village is being deprived of it's idiot

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Tanvi said...

Raageshwari is a winner and Mehr is a runner's up here! Amrita - Agrh! Kill myself If I were ever to be found in her clothes :)

Lazy Pineapple said...

Rageshwari looks so lovely :)

I loved Mehr's top..I am not a fan of animal prints..and as for Amrita..I think she forgot to check her look in the mirror...

Pratishtha Durga said...

It's funny how most celebs don't get it right most of the time. Thank G-d for Rageshwari and Mehr...

Dusk said...


You are so funny!!!

Although -and don't kill me- I don't mind what Amrita is wearing, not the colours nor the hideous print but something about the 'weirdness' of the style appeals to me. Not sure if I'd wear it though!

Totally agree with what you say about Shazahn! I love animal print but it has to pack a punch with red or be quirky! Do love Rageeshwari's outfit and that backless white tent, er, I mean top too!

Sovina said...

agree with all of your observations..and amrita!!! God! such an eyesore..Love love love meher's top..i totally see myself wearing it..raageshwari is looking chic..

Vivarjitha said...

hahaha...u give such wonderful comments...mehr has a nice outfit!!!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Yuck. Amrita is yuck. I don't even like Raageshwari. So humdrum. Love Mehr and even the gues is simple but cute.

Scandalous_Diva said...

Amrita seriously needs to fire her stylist !! Archana Kochhar has been designing horrible stuff lately.

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