Monday, June 28, 2010

Genelia in Manish Malhotra

Who: (L) Genelia D'souza, (R) Aishwarya Rai
Where: (L) CNBC Awaaz Consumer Awards, (R) Retta Suzhi music launch

Genelia wore a white/pink Manish Malhotra saree which is pretty similar to what Aishwarya wore for Retta Suzhi audio launch. Ash was also wearing a Manish Malhotra. Genelia saree has an silver embellished border that was not there in Ash saree..Everybody including designers are into recycling..Good for the planet, good for u:-)

I have always found Genelia very vivacious and she looks cute in her sleek pony. But whats really hot is her blouse/top design!! I am on the fence regarding the saree but with the sexy blouse and minimum accessories, I think she carries it off well..What do u think? Is this blouse going to start a new trend?

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Tanvi said...

Oh! Totally loving it ... I like G tooo! She has a very cute face ... wish she wld get promising roles in future.

I am totally loving her blouse. I would totally wear it ... 'God when is the next wedding I am gonna attend?!?!"

Sonali - *hugz*

Noble Beeyotch said...

I really like her saree and the cool blouse pattern too! Looks very appropriate for summer!

Call Me Stylista

Lazy Pineapple said...

Yes Genelia is looking so pretty...I think the blouse is damn sexy...and she carries it so well...

Rachana said...

Genelia is looking really pretty :-) Loved her blouse :-)

Dusk said...

Wow.... the resemblance between Aish and Angelina Jolie is really strong in this pic... both are divine!

LOVE this top. Can't possibly think of wearing it right now because Sydney is experiencing a cold snap, the coldest week in 27 years and despite a heated house we are all imitating onions right now. Many many MANY layers.

However, come summer... I am so in this top! That sari however...meh.

Tanvi said...

you know I just remembered ... one of my gori friend [married to a desi living in Delhi!] wore a similar blouse last month to her SIL's wedding. She was looking gorgeous. Will mail you her pic. You will love her blouse and saree ... or at least I hope so :P Hahah

Sovina said...

i like the one on ash but somehow i am not liking genelia's ..may be it's the tie up hair...don't know.

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