Sunday, June 6, 2010

Event : IIFA 2010, Red carpet

Who: Sophie Choudry

Wow!! And I thought Mallika was slutty at Cannes. I am also shocked that the dress is such a blatant copy of the Ellie Saab dress that Halle Berry wore when she won the Oscars..Anyhow, even though Sophie has the body for such a dress, I think its inappropriate and if the dress had more coverage at the top with a peekaboo waist, it could have worked.

Who: Dia Mirza

I am a sucker for black lace dresses with nude underslips but I have a feeling this is not a good one. The skirt starts really low on this one. Could not find a full length pic of hers so we will have to guess how she looked.. Do like her $$$ jewelery..

Who: Lara Dutta

An improvement over the optical illusion dress that she wore last time. The bodice looks a little tight but otherwise nice dress and chic hairstyle. A princess dress:-)

Who: Jacqueline Fernandez

On the fence on this one since the beads at the end of the sari gives it a very tacky look..

Who: Suzanne Khan

Why cant she fix her hair?? Hair transplant!!
She does score with her blue shimmery dress and silver clutch but her hair ruins it for me.

Who:Neha Dhupia

Neha gave her sari some serous edge with chain belts and a top with draped chains. The top has an armour feel to it. She looks like an Indian warrior princess out for some battle. Well, the red carpet is a battlefield:-)

Who: Bipasha Basu

Tacky, tacky, tacky. Pink and orange is a tough combination to pull off and here it looks really gaudy and cheap. And those bangles make it worse.. Even 'item number' outfits are better than this:-(

Who: Kareena Kapoor

After seeing Bipasha, Kareena is a sight for sore eyes in a red/green Manish Malhotra sari with simple makeup and hair. She is glowing.. must be the makeup..

Who: Kangana Ranaut

Kangana in a beautiful Manav Gangwani gown. This is one of the best gowns of the evening - love the gorgeous fall and color of this dress. I am so happy she didn't wear any necklace since the gown has a great neckline. She does look a little tired in the second pic..must be the angle..

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hitesh rawat said...

I remember when Ameesha used to wear Manav's......think those were her best days.....and it reflects with Kangana too.....she looks so classy in this one........

Agree with Bips comment too......what's with the hair highlights.....that looks so stupid......

I liked Dia's and Neha's too........if the dress ain't that good.....atleast they are carrying it of really good.

Kareena.....i think she has always been good on Red can take that for granted.....though i don't like her at all as an actress but can't ignore how pretty she is.....

Suzzane and Lara sucked.......what's with the hair for both of them.....????

Sophie left me wanting for more.... :D ....but plz....not in public......

Jacqueline though she is looking good.....aahhh.....who gives a damn to other things....if she is looking beautiful.... :D

Lazy Pineapple said...

Sophie looks tacky...too much on display..
I loved Dia's look and Lara also looks really nice..
Kareena looks awesome...and Kangana is passable...

For the rest..I would say...ughhh what were they they never see a mirror before they step out?

Tanvi said...

Sophie's gown make ger boobs look droppy! It could look sexy but ends up looking slutty! Agrh!

Dia always looks dainty pretty - neck up!

Lara looks good. Love her arms!

Jacqueline - Love her body! Saree is NOT for me.

Suzanne - Agrh! I am with you on the hair part! Don't like her gown much either.

Neha - Different. Average. Not Bad

Bips - Cheeee! Looks like a bad 80's movie's actress incarnation!

Kareena - Her 'been-there-done-that look. Average but like u said better than Bips at least!

Kangna - Like the fall of the gown but wish the color was different or may be in different tone :)

P.S. I am glad you celebrated it in style! You so deserve it ... Your blog is serious hard work! :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

really really love the first dress..

wanna exchage link and or follow me??

Sovina said...

bipasha looks OTT for a red carpet event...she could have done so much better with this saree..kareena's saree is the big green border.

Anonymous said...

Sophie - Copy Slutty much?
Dia - Beautiful face-wise; on the fence about dress
Lara - Is it a new trend; squeeze your boobs till they hit your face??
Jacqueline - Love the front of the saree; now sure about the beads
Suzanne - the less said, the better
Neha - Edgy saree, gorgeous make-up
Bips - Tacky tacky tacky
Kareena - Looks ready for Saat Phera; only fire missing
Kangna - Did she get breast implants? Her boobs look much larger than they used to be.

Dusk said...

In full and total agreement... and don't start me on Suzanne... !!!!!!! :)

I have to say, Bipasha's body.... sigh but yeah, even I, the Queen of Whoops The Rainbow Vomited On Me, am not liking this. But her body.... sigh.

I'm giggling at what the above Anon says about Kareena!!! You know? I don't really get Kareena. I do like that she no longer appears to be a size 0. Am so over this western 'ideal'. Gag me. Which is a very mature response.

As for Neha... I WANT!!!! no not Neha but what she's wearing!!!!!!! I LOVE it!

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