Thursday, June 17, 2010

Magazine Covers - June 2010


Actors aka People who are taking over the world..wait, dont they already rule this planet:p

Marie Claire - Diandra Soares, Nethra Raghuraman
Bazaar - Nethra Raghuraman
Elle - Tamara Moss
Vogue - Jacqueline Fernandez
FHM - Deepika Padukone
Femina - Aishwarya Rai

I am in love with the Elle cover. Tamara looks fierce and has been styled fabulously!! The only scary part is that her thighs are slimmer than my arms:-o Memo to self: Stop eating chocolate brownies, in fact just stop eating!!

Marie Claire has also been styled very well - drooling over the silver sequins dress - but with the background being the same color, looks a little washed out. Can you help me ID the remaining two models?

Harper's Bazaar - Dreamy concoction of a dress in pale rose color and the necklace is an object of desire but together they just fizzle.

Jacqueline Fernandez and Deepika both work it for the cover.

Both Aishwarya's look gorgeous on the Femina cover but its slightly weird..It kinda gives an impression of narcissism which may not be what they were going for...or were they:-)

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hitesh rawat said...

Tamara is looking great on the Elle Cover............i have always been a fan of Nethra....though i didn't understand the dress much.....but she looking good.......

with two Ash's feels as if they are showing then n now of Ash like some 10 years ago ......though she looks like she didn't age at all....her skin look so good in the later one too.....but as you said...earlier....there must be an expert photoshop person who may be behind the cover....

yves said...

Nooo! This Tamara Moss is just *SKINNY*!!! Please don't stop eating chocolate cookies - just slow down a little if you are having too many. But this gal with her spindly legs should IMMEDIATELY start eating some!
Just kidding of course, but it's true I really feel this way about women and their need to slim. Sigh!
thanks for the outlet!

Tanvi said...

I liked ELLE cover too ... ! :) ... Femina hmmm ... I like it though will have to check out their article to know what they were trying to show.

Btw, tried to fix the pictures ... let me know if u can see them now!??!

Lazy Pineapple said...

The Femina cover is definitely weird..actually gave me a start :P
Marie Claire and Harpers Bazar look so washed out...

Anonymous said...

In terms of Tamara- its called Photoshop and a loooooooot of it. Completely unattainable. Never ever ever ever trust the magazine covers. One of my amis spends 10-12 hours a day slimming down supermodels/actors/celebs, erasing cellulite (totally normal) and camouflaging laugh-lines (again totally normal) for magazine covers.

maki said...

ash is soo soo soo beautiful.

Maitri said...

On Marie Claire cover

Top right is Vidisha Pavate
Bottom right is Sheetal Mallar
Bottom left is Diandra
Well.. i dont know the name of model on the top
left side

bollywoodstylediaries said...

@Maitri: I am impressed!!

@Anonymous : Can u photoshop me in real life? if yes, u r my new best friend:-)

@yves : dont worry, nothing comes between me and chocolate:-) I think a better idea would be force feed Tamara Moss some brownies!!!

Taj Acosta said...

I love the Elle cover the best! xoxo

little boxes said...

the other lady on the MC cover is Lakshmi Rana :)

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Not impressed by ant covers. You are right about the Femina. Two aishwaryas kind if creep me out! :p

wiwi said...

femina cover is too exagerated , she is neither, hema malini, meena kumari, sridevi nor narjis. so take is easy ash

Dusk said...

I've missed you!!!!

Oh where to start??? lots of posts to catch up on! This is just a quick 'vist my faves' trip, it's past 1:30am here...

The Femina cover is interesting... "can't improve on a classic" doesn't 'go' with the visual. hmm...but... for me she is always the stunner.

As for the Elle and Vogue models... why the hell are these women not fmous on the world modeling stage??? They run rings around the current sorry excuse for models!!

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