Friday, June 25, 2010

Sonam and Bipasha on Indian Idol

Who: (L) Sonam Kapoor, (R) Bipasha Basu

Sonam and Bipasha appeared on Indian Idol episodes (Bollywood version of American Idol) to promote their forthcoming movies, I hate Luv Storys and Lamha, respectively.

Sonam wore a Manish Malhotra saree and this is her first time in a saree outside a movie. Her top/blouse with dull gold concentric embellishment is to die for. The top ( longer length) on its own would look fab with dressy pants:-) The saree is also gorgeous and the scalloped edges make a major style statement..Since there is so much going on in the saree, I would have preferred a simple spaghetti top and saved this one for a different saree..

Bipasha wore a white/gold anarkali during her appearance. She totally rocks the outfit and looks very summery cool and chic. The shoes are iffy and I prefer peep-toes with anarkalis..Both wore big traditional earrings..

Saved the best for the last

Who: Imran Khan

Imran, the 'hero' of IHLS:-), accompanied Sonam on Indian Idol promotion..Dayum, he is smoking HAWT. We swoon!!!

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Lazy Pineapple said...

So agree with you...all of them look gorgeous and for once I am loving their outfits :)
Imran looks Hawtttt

Amanda Lee said...

ahhhh. i can't wait till the movie comes out!


Dusk said...

You are always so spot-on honey! I LOVE Sonam's top!! And Bipasha is a Goddess...

I had to Google Imran Khan! He is cute.

ps. can see your Twitter-ing in the sidebar... I'm with you, can stay up til 5am, CAN'T get up at 5am! It's currently 2:05 am so I better move it or else I will be up!

maki said...

oooh.. didnt know about THAT imran i knew of pakistan's imran

Rachana said...

Both the ladies are looking stunning and Imran is looking, as you said, HAWT!

Tanvi said...

I like Sonam's Saree but do not like her make up so much ... Bipasha is looking like an Indian Goddess :) Imran Khan is oh! So Hot! :)

Sovina said...

i love sonam's the top/blouse too..i couldn't imagine that this was manish malhotra..i usually don't like his bipasha's outfit too..white and gold makes a perfect combo..

Vivarjitha said...

sonam's sarre is fab nd bips has worn a beautiful one too....luv their ear rings...imran....he looks good....!!!

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

IMRAAAAAAAANNN KHAAAAAAAAAAN MARRRRRRRRRRYYY MEEEEEEE!!! :P :P :P I love him!! When I was a kid, I used to madly love Aamir (I still do...but that was a different love :P) and I wanted to marry him! :P Now as times have gone by, his nephew is my crush! :P Lol!!

Ohh there are two girls too na in this post? Wait let me scroll back! :P

I don't like Sonam in this one. Bipasha "looks" great but I don't like her dress 'on her' as much! And why do these girls look soooo lean? :P They probably are! :P

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