Saturday, October 23, 2010

Black Reign..

Who: Sushmita Sen
Where: Auditioning of models for Vera Mode fashion show

The Queen of Black, Sushmita in a black jumpsuit accessorized with a black belt and pumps. Love the bows on the dress and she looks great - one of the few good jumpsuits outfits..

Who: Priyanka Chopra
Where: Don2 press conference in Berlin

There are so many rumors going around regarding Priyanka getting a nose job that I cant but help scrutinize her nose instead of her outfit:-( I like her two-tone dress and shoes but not sure if they go together. What do you think about her nose, err, I mean outfit?

Who: Shamita Shetty, Deepti Gujral
Where: Rocky S Absolute Vodka bash

Shamita - Everything is good. Nothing to bitch about:-)

Deepti - Posted her outfit becoz I think the red shoes go with her black outfit ..

Which black/red combination works --Priyanka's or Deepti's?

Who: Bipasha Basu
Where:(L) ET awards, (R) "Jhoota Hi Sahi" screening

Bipasha in an outfit that has to be from the sales rack of Frederik's of Hollywood!! Sleazy and tacky!! Girlfriend, what were you thinking?

She fares much better in a coral dress with gorgeous draping. Love the pop of green bracelet!! I also like her hair in this pic..

Wait there is more:-)

I did a guest post for the lovely Sahi of Its about getting Freida's look for less. Check it out at

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Tanvi said...

Love Shamita Shetty the best. Also like Bips Peachy avatar! :) Checking your guest post now! :)

une tasse said...

I can't place what Priyanka did but she definitely did something because she looks so different to a couple of years ago.

Vintage Vixen said...

Loving the jumpsuit, hating the footwear. Peep-toe boots would have given the tremendously stylish all-in-one a bit more of an edge. xxx

Jeweliot said...

sush has a great body for jumpsuits

and i think pc got a nose job! she is getting addicted to surgery, first lips, now nose. damn!!! :/

i like deepti's shoes. the dress would look a little better if jussssssssssst a lil shorter.. i think..i think she looks fab in this.

bipasha's 1st one. shit, is she hanging out with rakhi sawant these days?

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

I like Sush. I like PRiyanka too. I like Bipasha's coral number too.

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