Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Celebs at HDIL couture week 2010 - Day one

Who: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam channeled Betty, Peggy and Joan from "Mad Men" going for a 60's ladylike look. She wore a black dress with cap sleeves and a semi-full skirt that hit her below the knees. Pointy pumps, cream handbag and gorgeous ethnic necklace completed the look.

The look is not bad but there is no drama. For that you need the contrast of a well-fitted bodice and a skirt with way more volume. The skirt also should be knee length( not this long)... Do love her red lip color and sleek hair style..

Who: Sameera Reddy

Sameera wore a pant-suit with a very interesting silhouette. The jacket looks like a tux in a wraparound style. The addition of the belt prevents the jacket from overwhelming her frame. I like her outfit but the shoe color is an eyesore...It also looks like her foundation is not the right shade..

Who: Sangeeta Bijlani

Sangeeta wore a fabulous coral colored flapper dress which she topped with loose, tousled hair... This is a major upgrade from her last appearance. The color and the dress style give Sangeeta a very youthful look..

Who: Queenie Dhody

Queenie wore a leopard print dress to the opening party. For Manish's show, she wore a drape-y dress in soft pink and paired it with white clutch and silver shoes. Neither of the looks work for me.

Left: Urmila Matondakar, Right: Sophie Choudry

Urmila - Only one word - "tacky"

Sophie in a dress that looks great from the back and pretty boring from the front. If I were her, I would walk backwards the whole time:-)

Left: Natasha Poonawala, Right: Guest

Neck up, Nastasha looks pretty lackluster but do I love her maxi-dress or what?

The guest is a study in restrained elegance in a knockout mustard-yellow dress. She wisely didnt over-accessorize and completed her ensemble with some great shoes.


Vintage Vixen said...

Sonam's dress is so elegant, she looks like a 1950's starlet. A perfect length and shape. xxx

Tanvi said...

Sameera's look works for me ... out of this lot !

Taj Acosta said...

I've never heard of an Indian with the name Natasha! cool. Anyways, sameera gets my vote, sonam's hair is bugging me with that one little piece on the side! xo

Cinderella said...

I like Sameera look, except I'da gone for some nice cherry red pumps. That mustard dress is sick!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

@cinderella : mustard dress -- u break my heart!!..jk:-)

Anonymous said...


Sophie : was trying hard to get back of her dress pictured.. she has so many of her pics with backside.. so desperate

urmi: looked bad

that guest : dubai based socialite rekha something...always badly dressed
Queenie: dressed in her typical style
Sangeeta: what's up with that look...cougar alert
comment by Moody

Anonymous said...

guest on the right is dubai socialite rekha tourani.

Vivarjitha said...

nice one.....sameeera nd sonam look nice.....

style'n said...

I feel like Sonam is so gorgeous she can wear anything. I love the all black look and the necklace. All the others-just ok!

Street Style said...

Sonam's 60s look is not that impressive I you say there is not enough drama and retro touch to it.where are the pearls, brooches et al. Peggy, Betty and Joan will raise their eyebrows to this half-hearted attempt.

Jeweliot said...

This is the 1st time I liked Sameera Reddy, love the Jacket.

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