Thursday, October 7, 2010

Celebs at HDIL couture week 2010 - Day two

Who: Gauri Khan

Gauri is a true philanthropist - she has decided to help us all out by applying the Gulf oil spill on her face!!

We need to do her a favor in return - wrestle the spray tan bottle out her hand!!

She is a good example of money cant buy style. Don't even get me started on her pantyhose and orange shoes!!

Who: Rani Mukherjee

Dayum, Rani is stunning, leggy hotness- though it looks like her girls are getting a little squished!! Its nice to see her in something other than the drab/boring jumpsuits.

Who: Kareena Kapoor

I have never met a sequin I didn't like:-) Kareena dazzles in a shimmery silver dress that she paired with silver clutch and black shoes. The smoky eyes and hairstyle add to the killer party look.

Left: Sonam Kapoor, Right: Suzanne Khan

Both, Sonam and Suzanne, wore Herve Leger bandage dresses.

Sonam's dress is vintage Leger. The dress could have worked minus the sleeves- right now it looks very severe and boring and somehow her hairstyle reminds me of sumo wrestlers...

I know a lot of you find Suzanne very "harsh" but she totally rocks the silver Leger here.

Left: Shewta Nanda, Center: Karishma Kapoor, Right:Sonali Bendre

All three of them look fabulous in their outfits. Its very tough to decide which one is best since they all got it right.

Left: Urmila, Right: Queenie Dhody

After a misstep yesterday, Urmila is back in form in a golden sequins dress and in a hairstyle that has not changed since the last 20 years..

Queenie nails it in a sparkly mindress. Clean, simple minimalism at its best.

Left: Natasha Poonawalla, Right: Rekha Tourani

Is big hair back in fashion? Natasha is third person, after Aish (Manish Malhotra show) and Kareena, to support this hairstyle.

Ok, so no one liked Rekha's dress yesterday:-) Neck up, she is a hot mess but I love the color and draping and ruffles of this dress..Am I the only one?

Left: Amrita Arora, Center: Madhoo, Right; Kiran Rao

Nothing that catches my eye. I am surprised to see Kiran not wearing something quirky. Dont let them get to you!! Hold on to ur style!!

Left: Preity Zinta, Right: Twinkle Khanna

All my adulation has gone to Preity's head... She wore this to a fashion event?? You are going to have to do a lot to get me to forgive you because you are in the dog house, missy, that's right in the dog house!!

I still cannot wrap my head around what Twinkle's wore!! Its so absurd - maybe her stylist is pissed at her..

Who do you think was best dressed at day two? I am going to go with Kareena and Shewta..


Vintage Vixen said...

Nothing really grabs me but I do like Queenie's sparkly mini. xxx

Tanvi said...

Oh Gauri! I have given up on her. You are right. Money can't buy style! Some of these ladies looked good neck up and some neck down .. Few who got is right all around are - Rani, Kareena, Sonali, Queenie and Kiran in my books! :)

Rakhshanda said...

very interesting are right about Gouri dear that money cant buy style...Rani is looking cute.

photohogger said...

I'd have to say Queenie nailed it..the others have something or other that doesn't work. I won't even start on Priety's or Gauri's....pantyhose!?!!? AAAAAAAAAAH!
Also, someone needs to get her some blotting paper!

Taj Acosta said...

I love all the sequins!! I am always a sucker for shiny pretty dresses! Have a great weekend !! hugs

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Kareena rocks! OR it's probably the sequins! I adore sequins like hell I do! :)

Jeweliot said...

hilarious... gauri khan.. what a MESS!!!!!!!!!!

sad sad sad sad

loving karisma's outfit. simple, elegant, cool, sexy.

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