Thursday, October 7, 2010

HDIL couture week - Day two

Queenie Dhody and Raj Mahatani also showcased their jewelery designs on day two of HDIL .

Malaika Arora Khan was the showstopper for Queenie. The jewelery is pretty - just not my style.
Who: Malaika Arora Khan

Raveena Tandon was the showstopper for Raj Mahatani. Love her necklace - its so grand and OTT !! And cant believe she wore those clunky shoes on the ramp!!

Who: Raveena Tandon

Varun Bahl and Karan Johar presented their men's collection and in a major coup got Amitabh, Hrithik and Shahrukh to walk for them!! They look so delicious:-) Looks like the three broke out into a jig at the end..

Left: Amitabh, Center: Shahrukh Khan, Left: Hrithik Roshan


Tanvi said...

Jewelry Shwelry! I do not care but Malaika is looking Hot! And the three men seem to be having fun. Whenever I see them having all this fun together I feel I am missing out on something :P I do not even know them! Haha

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

LOVE those guys! They are sooo damn hot!

Dusk said...

Dayammm. These 3 doing this makes me Hardam Khushi Kabhie Nahin Gham!!!!

I NEED Raveena's necklace.

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