Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its a famine of color!!

Who: Chitrangada Singh
Where: Roopa Vohra collection launch

Chintrangada's outfit is nothing to write home about but what really caught my eye was her pendant and perfectly coiffed big hair..The pendant is not very tasteful and I am going to leave it that...Her hair and makeup is perfect for a big shindig..

Who: Bipasha Basi
Where: Vera Moda model auditions

Bipasha finally experimented with her hair and its....... bad!! Why did she style her hair into a turban (Tipu Sultan, anyone)? And she can afford to wear real black pearls - why did she pile on these tacky plastic beads? and why did she wear such manly shoes?

Its very important to ask 'why' becoz without scientific curiosity we would not have scientific discovery. And today's scientific discovery is --- money doesnt buy you style!!

Who: Sophie Choudry
Where: Madame showroom opening

That a very interesting take on LDB with the belt and neck in the same print. I have a feeling its DIY - Sophie has taken a strapless LDB and tied a long scarf around her waist and then around her neck with the knot behind her neck..All you, DIY Queens, let me know if this works and how it looks..

I am not going to try since I am quite capable of strangling myself!!

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Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Oh my goodness! Sophie is a disaster here :|

Bips, I'm okay with the hair but agree with everything else you pointed out!

style'n said...

yes I agree sophie is a disaster but I love Chintrangada's pendant!

sandhyaa said...

my vote goes to chitrangda...!

rantravereflect/ jane said...

went to fcuk yesterday, n frik only black, white n blue- apparently is teh color status until feb- goddamn it's diwali!!

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