Friday, October 15, 2010

Events: Farah Khan Store Launch

I am going to be very lazy today and just posts the looks at this event. You guys tell me who was the best-dressed at the event and who needs to go to fashion rehab? I liked Dia and Farah and Amrita needs a stylist asap:-)

Left: Twinkle Khanna, Center: Queenie Dhody, Right: Natasha Poonawala

Left: Amrita Arora, Center: Isha Koppikar, Right: Ekta Raheja

Left: Sridevi, Center: Farah Khan, Right: Sophie Choudry

Left: Divya Kumar Khosla, Center: Vardha Nadiawala, Right: Suzanne Roshan

Left: Soniya Mehra, Center: Dia Mirza, Right: Laila Lamba


Nostalgic said...

I like what Suzanne's attire. Perfect yet so colorful!

Vintage Vixen said...

I'm afraid nobody's really standing out here. Some of those bags are just hideous, it's all I notice. xxx

Cinderella said...

I kinda like Dia's dress. She shouldve chucked those leggings and donned some snazzy pumps instead and perhaps a formal jacket to amp it up.

Vivarjitha said...

dia looks cute:)

Anonymous said...

Twinkle Khanna- I really hate that top- she's not a football player!!!
Queenie Dhody- Cute but plain top... who did her hair and makeup???
Natasha Poonawala- Boring
Amrita Arora- I wouldn't even wear that at home
Isha Koppikar- Could have used a little more color or accesorries
Ekta Raheja- Looks well put together
Sridevi- it looks okay
Farah Khan- love love love the dress
Sophie Choudry- nice if a little boring
Divya Kumar Khosla- the dress looks good with those shoes
Vardha Nadiawala- whatever
Suzanne Roshan- this might be the best one... but even its not a ten on ten... maybe a seven
Soniya Mehra- hate the color of the bottom half of the dress...eww
Dia Mirza- definetely an eight
Laila Lamba- ew

Jeweliot said...

amrita, sridevi, laila lamba and suzanne's outfits don't work for me at all!

specially amrita rao... even sridevi, what's that gold chunky think with the dress.. if i can call that thing a dress..

out of this lot, i liked natasha poonawala's jacket the best :D

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