Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HDIL couture week - Manish Malhotra

It hardly been a month since Lakme Fashion Week'10 got over and now we are having HDIL couture week in Bombay!! Why do we have a fashion week every month in India? same designers, same celebs?? All the fashion capitals are showcasing Spring/Summer'11 right now and we are still showing Winter'10??Whats up with that??

Ok, I am done with the ranting:-)

The HDIL was kick-started by none other than Manish Malhotra who presented a bridal couture collection with 55 outfits!! According to Manish "Emerald is the new bridal color". His collection was gorgeous and glamorous. I can see hordes of soon-to-be-brides lining up in front of his stores:-)

My top picks

The showstopper was none other than Ms Rai who walked to ramp after 15 or so years. She wore a lehenga in cream. Wait a sec, bridal wear in white?? hmmmm...Anyways, she looks stunning in smoky eyes and voluminous hair, teased at the crown. Love her makeup, cant say the same about her outfit which really wasn't a showstopper:(


Tanvi said...

Nice! But mujhe toh sab ek jaisa hee lagta hai .. year after year .. it's the same stuff ... just change in colors and fabrics and then rotate!

Cinderella said...

I somehow like the lehenga...but not for somebody who's gonna attend a wedding, not the bride, eh?

Taj Acosta said...


Vivarjitha said...

nice!!!!the lengha looks gud.....grand ones

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