Friday, October 29, 2010

Freida Pinto at Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2010

Who: Freida Pinto
Where: "Miral" premiere at Doha film festival

Freida wore a floaty, turquoise Christian Dior Resort 2011 dress with Jimmy Choo shoes to the her movie premiere at the film festival. The dress has a beautiful embellished bodice and Freida did her hair up for a sophisticated look . She looks polished but the color doesn't really work for me.

Who: Freida Pinto
Where: At Doha film festival

This is more my style. Love, love her Dolce and Gabbana lacy dress which she teamed with Ferragamo shoes !! The color is just awesome, the neckline draws attention to her delicate shoulders and the ruching accents her tiny waist. Easy, breezy hair completed her look..

Which look did you like on her?

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sandhyaa said...

wow. i love d color in second look.pretty dress...
Frieda is rocking all events these days.

namita said...

I love the idea of the first dress, the colour doesn't offend me at all, but something's off with the top - It looks like it's almost channelling that old hollywood glamour from the 1920s but it's all a bit heavy and almost t-shirty. if the neckline was different ( a deeper v with thinner straps or strapless) or if it was more corsetted i'd like it better; it looks a bit like she's been given something a couple of sizes up. Like I said though, I don't hate it, and I love that she's trying new things, so mad props for that!! ha

Tanvi said...

The second dress is really looking good against her skin tone.

UB said...

The second one anytime!

Sabina said...

Which look did I like on Freida? Any!!!!! She is extremely pretty!! <3
I like your blog, I hope you're going to take the time to visit mine - I have a feeling you'll like it :)) Can't wait to hear from you and of course feel free to follow me anytime (if you like my blog of course :))! <3

StylishDesi said...

2nd one!!!!

Jeweliot said...

i love the 2nd dress too, but her hairstyle in the 1st one looks better on her!

the color of d&g dress suits her more too.. very cute dress

Vintage Vixen said...

I love both of them, she's so cute. xxx
PS I'm frantically trying to find a peplum waisted dress, I loved them in the 1980's.

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