Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daily catch

Who: Kangana Ranuat
Where: Christian Dior Store launch

Kangana in a soft pink strapless dress at the CD store store launch. The dress is very feminine and the cut and fit of this dress is spot-on. And then we have those white shoes. She deserves a style slap on the wrist for wearing them...

Who: Suzzane Roshan
Where: Tod's collection Launch

Suzzane wore a watercolor-like print dress to the new collection launch. I like the loose fit and pastel colors of this dress even though it washes her out..The dress is dreamy and romantic and perfect for summer wear..

Left: Isha Koppikar, Center: Mana Shetty, Right Guest
Where: Tod's collection launch

Isha looks very boxy in that outfit. Her outfit looks like something people wear in one of those cheaply made science fiction movie.

Mana's necklace is bold and beautiful.

The guest wears one of my favorite fall colors. The deep red dress combined with gorgeous golden clutch and shoes make for an impeccable Christmas party outfit.

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Eden said...

love the pink dress:)))
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Vintage Vixen said...

Frieda's looks were so gorgeous yesterday, these ladies are a little lacklustre in comparision. xxx

rantravereflect/ jane said...

My vote goe sto Kangana- that woman can effin carry just abt anything!

Classy&Fabulous said...

Kangana when in doubt about footwear always go with pumps!

Tanvi said...

Kangana's dress is quite pretty!

Jeweliot said...

lol @ style slap

kangana's hair goes very well with that dress :)

i don't like suzanne here

Samm said...

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Taj Acosta said...

suzzane what where you thinking with that big bag!! No big bags with dresses like that! love the first dress too!

style'n said...

Agree-Kangana's shoes are not working for me and Suzanne looks nice and elegant despite the colors not being right for her. I think Mana and "the guest" look pretty good. And I think Freida's dress below (in your last post) needs to be on the hall of fame!!! I lover her look.

namita said...

re: Kangana, the dress looks like a bit of an old net curtain to me... and also her hair is styled like she just stepped out of the 80s.
On another note, I know this is a Dior store opening so it's right to wear the designer, and I genuinely do love Dior (Galliano is a GOD), but there seems to be a lot of Lady Dior bag overkill in bollywood at the moment - or maybe I've just seen Sonam wear them everywhere too many times to count and have been blinded. As far as classic bags go, I've never really liked it anyway - have ALWAYS preferred Chanel's 2.55 or a mini kelly or birkin bag, they seem much more wearable and effortless.

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